Thursday, July 7, 2011

iMovieBuff: Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon.

I guess, no one needs any introduction for this movie anymore huh? Its pretty redundant, but what the hell. So basically, Transformers began as the Hasbro Transformers toy line which centered on two fractions of warring alien robots; Autobots and the Decepticons. And I guess, the whole idea of how cars can turn into omgftwbbq-cool alien robots, isn't surprising that it catch the hype from people all over the world for decades now. Today, Transformers grazes everything I guess, comic books, animation, video games, and also films!

Ok, first of all, if you haven't already, you have to, HAVE TO watch the first two films. If you don't like Transformers since your childhood, if you don't fancy sexy-orgasmic cars, or if you simply hate action movies, or even mind blowing, chicks-you-just-want-to-sleep-with, believe me, you will still like Transformers. Why? Easy, cause they have all the above! Here's why.

#1. The main idea of Transformers.
Even the whole basic idea of Transformers, spells cool all over. Seriously, creators of Transformers are either geniuses or probably have made a deal with the devil. Who would have thought about combining the three coolest things for boys decades back? Cars and robots with the possibility of the existence of a whole new race in the universe? I might be biased, I love sexy cars and yes, the possibility of the existence of aliens. Ah well, still, who can deny that orgasmic sound that the robots make when they transform from sexy sport mobiles into a gigantic robot with guns that can blow everything off?

And as usual, they have the ultimate idea of the battle of good and evil where the Autobots(the good guys) fight against the Decepticons. Of cause, these robots have a long long history which trails back to their own world(Cybertron) which was destroyed years ago, and now, the war has been brought to Earth.

And like I've said in my review on the Green Lantern, heros in stories like this tend to be a no body, average joe who have nothing to lose but everything to gain, and yes, Sam (Shia LaBeouf) in Transformers, just a 14 year-old nerd who doesn't fit in school, somewhat had a yellow super car which turn out to be an Autobot named the Bumblebee. And again, that was the turning point of his life.

Well, for me, this time around, transformers is much more interesting where they go back further into the Autobots/ Decepticon history and explain why are they all on Earth. They even brought in an old veteran Autobot, the Sentinel Prime, a senior, much older compared to Optimus Prime, who has been on the moon for decades and was brought back to life by Optimus. He was then revealed as the prime who turned evil and worked with the decepticon to recreated Cybertron(the destroyed world of the Transformers) on Earth. Yes, unfinished business is always where the juicy dramas come in.

#2. The orgasmic Cars.
Like I said, I love the curves of a car. The Audi R8 has always been my first love but in this show itself, the red Ferrari 458 Italia took my breath away. I have always been a Ferrari person but the yellow Chevy Camaro that the resembles the famous Bumblebee comes in close behind. The other one that I really liked was the silver Corvette Stingray concept car. There's just something I like about the curves of the cars. I will have to say, Transformers still isn't as orgasmic as a car movie compared to the whole Fast and Furious movies, but it still is pretty cool to see how cars can change into robot parts, like how windscreens are the chests of the robots and tyres are probably their torso. 

#3. Action-packed movie.
I know most guys when asked to go for the lovey-dovey chick-flick romance type of movies, you guys will probably doze off in the cinemas and when it comes to action-packed movie, you'd be jumping off your seats in excitement, do not lie. Haha. And I know, I need not explain further about how action-packed Transformers is. But, do know that in Transformers 3, they have doubled the already overwhelming action scenes in the movie! How cool is that right? Yes. But though with the escalated action scenes, Transformers 3 is a tad bit draggy at some parts of the movie. 

#4. Girls you wish to have as your girlfriend.
Many of my friends were disappointed when they found out that Megan Fox isn't back for the third installation. Yes, big bummer, but they got Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as the main actress! I know a lot of people were half-hearted about this change, but hell, my friends drown my FB wall with the dilemma between Megan or Rosie. When the hot bee-stung beauty, model of Victoria Secrets graze the screens all over the world, she left every men  mesmorised. For me, I've always liked Rosie since I first saw her on the VS angels campaign. But for me, I think I prefer Megan Fox in Transformers. What say you?


So yes, with all of those above, I'm bought. I rate Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon, 7/10. Minus points cause I think its a lil bit draggy at parts, but overall, it was pretty good. I loved how the story of the Autobot, turning evil for their own gain. Pretty much like us humans huh? Oh and I watched it in 3D and I think it was not worth the money. The 3D effect was minor but if you would still like to go for it, go ahead.


jia 嘉 wei 伟 said...

Well. I think Megan Fox is hotter.

And I prefer the Camaro. Hehehe

and nice article.

HenRy LeE ® said...

I personally prefer the 1st and the 2nd one since the plot of the story are nicely linked up together. I think most of us are not being introduce well to the new characters in the show & the decepticon's Shockwave didnt even had a chance to fight, only uses his shake and flees away whenever Optimus Prime is around.

P/s: I'll prefer u playing the part for Carly than that new girl! hahaha

melaniehwa said...

@ jia wei:

hahah. thanks! hmm, I prefer Rosie all in all but Megan for Transformers. and also, R8 all the way man! ahhaha

@ Henry Lee:

haha. well, i guess, thats another glitch by the production team. True, I have to admit, when the Decepticon's shockwave just died so easily, I was abit disappointed. lol. and ME?? lol. thats a tad bit too huge of a compliment that I cannot bare. lol. thanks btw.

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