Friday, May 13, 2011

280311: I'm finally Legal! 3.0

And the chronicles of melaniehwa's big two-one continues. As I have said before, its a five-part blog post that I am gonna bore you with. So here's part three. I'm pretty sure you guys must be thinking, what else can this girl get for her birthday? She already had her long-wanted BBQ and a surprise party thrown for her. Well, those were all my friends. Today's post, is all about my family.

Saturday, 260311.
I was jokingly telling my mummy a few weeks back, about my coming birthday and to my surprise, she was really up for it. I was really happy about how supportive my parents and family are about it, though lately our family has been really tight financially. I swear I was the happiest girl, the moment my mother called me, asking me excitedly(like a little girl), which birthday cake would I like to have; she was over at Secret Recipe to get their brochure. My parents, together with my grandma were up early that day itself to prepare for everything. I felt so bad for waking up really late and doing nothing.

So we went over to my brother's place and to my joy, my niece was awake to play with me. Here's a picture of her. Please try not to gawk all over her excessive, tremendous, over flowing cute-ness kayys?

Meet Jacinda Hwa.

So yes, my family, both sides, were all there. Both my sides of my family have been very close ever since I could ever remember. My parents met each other since they were really young and both families were practically like one. We went over to the BBQ lot by the swimming pool and the ambience for the place when night came was perfect. Everyone was busy catching up, eating my mother's famous curry chicken, snapping lots and lots of stupid pictures with my cousins, oh, and they even made me give a speech! Don't ask me what the speech is about, cause, all I know was I was so embarrassed! Believe me, I'm not one who shy around when I'm asked to talk, but when its with my family, its different. Here's some pictures!

The Place.

The awesome food.

Crinkled-up sausages. =P

The perfect company.

Cousins, all grown up.

Being 21, I am still a kid inside. 

Me & my grandma's favourite cake. 
The Durian Cake. (Did I hear, yucksss? BOO you!)

Oh, and this is my audience. All standing up, ready for the speech I was telling you about.

I would like to extend my gratitude to every single one of my family members who were there, and also who weren't. I wouldn't be who I am today, without your love and guidance. I thank my grandma, my dad and my mum, for waking up so early, to prepare for the big day and I thank my brother and his wife, for the place. Thank you everyone for the gifts, the angpaus and the wishes. Special thanks to my dad and my mum, who've given me their best for the past 21 years.

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