Monday, May 2, 2011

of what was supposed to be.

Okkay, so, I just wanna rant alil' here about missing out soooo many things last weekend and this coming weekend. I don't usually like to rant, but what-the-heck, I'm alil bored now doing what I'm stuck with instead doing what I want to! Okay, so lemme tell you alil' of what I've missed out so you'll understand my pain.

#1. Hennessy Artistry April 2011.
Yes. Did anyone tell you it was last weekend? All 3 days of jam-packed H-Artistry from KL, Opera all up to my hometown, Penang's Voodoo and Mois Club? An all expense paid trip to Penang (oh, how I miss the food there) and also partying all night all three nights long with the bloggers? Ok, here's a picture of what was supposed to be.

Oh, please ignore the absence of my legs and my cropped-out half head.
See! I fit the picture nicely! 

#2. Maroon 5 live in KL!
arrrghh! Adam Lavigne. Seriously, before I go further, believe me when I say, this picture below, is suffice for me to feel sucky for not being able to see him live in KL.

This is a picture of him taken to promote awareness for testicular cancer.
Did i hear oohhh and ahhhssss?
I told you so.

Anyhows, this picture depicts what was supposed to be. 

I'm all hyped up, at the front rows, ready with my camera, shouting "I love yous" like any other crazy fans.

#3. Cherating, Pahang.
Ahhhh. Shoot me already. Going on ranting about all this actually made me feel worse. So yea, I'm gonna miss an all expense paid trip to Cherating this weekend, yes, all thanks to exams again. You all know how much I love the beach and I have always wanted to go to Cherating because it is the one place in Peninsular Malaysia that I haven't step foot on just yet. and ah, its so close, yet so far, for me now.

How I wish I can be there to witness the sunrise with my own eyes.

So yes, I have been quarantined in Kampar for 2 weeks now and one more week to go before I can go back to KL. And the reason of me being MIA and updating so slowly(well, I know normally I update super slow as well) is simply because I'm kinda like the boy in this picture.

Yes, exam blues. I have one down, four more papers to go. So please do wish me luck. I'd be MIA, left stucked and abandoned in Kampar till 9th of May. Till then, I at least have these to accompany me:

#1. Flood.

Yes, my neighbourhood, got flooded, total-blackouts, and even thunderstorms in the past week. Interesting, no? Where else can you see a policeman, pants all rolled up, holding his shiny black shoes walking aimlessly?

#2. Thor.
I've watch Thor. Haha. Many of you who think that I am left to rot in Kampar, I'm sorry, but I just can't let my social life die like that. So yes, I've watched the latest Marvel movie, Thor. 

I would say, it was a let down. I expected better but it's storyline is alil' too cliche and alil' boring, I dare say. Not really good. I mean, what did Natalie Portman do exactly which caused Chris Hemsworth such a drastic change? Kinda illogical, seriously. But if you do plan to watch it in the cinemas, make sure you stay till after the credits; like how the past Marvel movies are, they have a little extra at the end. And Imma spoil it for you, the trailer is about Thor appearing in the remake of The Avengers! This, I have to watch. Oh, and I can't wait for the upcoming Captain America too!

#3. Being an iPhone dork.
Ok, so, many of you might not know that I've dropped my iPhone 3G into the toilet bowl last month. Yes, I'm not kidding. It literally went into the pool of clean water. So yes, being an Apple geek, I got myself a new iPhone 4 immediately. And if you are wondering, what happened to my old 3G? I decided to give it alil' surgery myself in hopes to fix the only problem to my phone (the non-functioning backlight) before I sell it off. Behold the pictures below and be prepared to be amazed.

The skeletons of an iPhone 3G. Its actually pretty easy. See those orange stickers, those are labelled stickers with numbers. Just follow the stickers and you're safe. So I opened it, blow-dry the phone alil' and put it back together. And taa-daaa...

The backlight came back on. I'm so proud of myself. =)

#4. Justin Bieber ala Malasie.
 Yes, I might not have front row passes to Maroon 5, but I do have 24/7 passes to a Bieber show. The fake one that is. So here's a vid of her entertaining me during our study breaks. Please clap afterwards alrite?

Talented isn't she?

Who am I kidding? I'd do everything to go for Maroon 5, Cherating and H-Artistry! Ahh, but what-the-heck. I'm sure there's lots more to come. So I'm signing off now, needa get back to my books. Be prepared for many more posts to come. I'm gonna continue my long belated birthday posts and share a little about the delicious food spots that you guys must go. I promise I'm going to update more often now with my internship at Advertlets coming. Toodles, love.



bryanlyt said...

hahahahaha, so kesian like that.

melaniehwa said...

hahah. well it is!

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