Monday, January 31, 2011

Advertlets: Energizer Night Strike

I've always been one who loves shooting games. I've been playing Tomb Raider on my uncle's playstation since I was a kid, I lurrveeee killing zombies in L4D, I thrive on military shooting games and I've tried real life shooting games like laser tag and paintball before as well. You can read about my experience with laser tag here. I went for paintball before and as fun as it was, it was sure as hell painful. I've decided to give up on my dreams of possibly joining the military myself if my nation needs me. So yeah, when Josh told me that Energizer was having a glow in the dark paintball competition, I was at the edge of my seat. This is uber cool. I saw the layout and I like, oh-maii-gawwwwwwddd the happiest girl on earth. 0.0

So yeah, it was a 3-day event and lucky for me, I was able to make it on the last day despite me being terribly bed ridden for the past few days and I'm glad I went for it. It was so cool that the place was painted in glow-in-the-dark paint and decorated with UV lights. Here's some picture taken off the Energizer Malaysia's Facebook page.

There were several semi-professional team which joined the event and Team A.C.E. emerged as winners of the inaugural Energizer Night Strike at Xtion Paintball Park Bukit Jalil on Sunday, winning RM20,000 in cash and the enviable title of champion for Asia’s first themed night paintball event by Energizer Malaysia.

A.C.E. fought off seasoned players and amateurs alike on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, which saw a total of 19 teams battle each other over 85 rounds gruelling rounds of night paintball. Close at the heels of ACE’s win was Double R and Black Cell, who won RM10,000 and RM5,000 respectively as runner-ups.

Not many people know that Malaysia is actually the largest paintball hub in Asia and Energizer was the first to organize this very first UV-night game in Asia. The Energizer Night Strike was unveild in KL last October at Malaysia's launch of Energizer Energy Beam brand image, where Energizer Max alkaline batteries and Power Seal technology locks power in usage and storage for longer-lasting power.

Watch out for the upcoming Energizer Night Race on the 16th of April, which will give runners a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to race on the Sepang International F1 Circuit – sharing the same track as international motorsports stars.

For more information, you can visit the Energizer's webpage.


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Survival Skills 101: Kampar

First and foremost, sorry for the long MIA. I've been pretty sick for the past few weeks. But nonetheless, the post that I've promised.

So here I am again, back to Cumpar Kampar.

Yeah, thats about it in Kampar. I'm not freaking kidding you! Ok, wait. Do you know where exactly is this place that I have been babbling about? lol. Ok, lets have a short Malaysian geography lesson here for a while alritey? Do you guys know where is the state of Perak? I would say, it is located North of Selangor, the place I call home. Yeah, so it is right above Selangor, about 2 hours drive away. The nearest city to Kampar would actually be Ipoh. And being a city girl like me, believe me, it wasn't easy for me during my first year there. Things are pretty much laid back in Kampar, totally different compared to the usual rush in KL, the rush that I got so used to, I would give up everything for that rush.

So yeah, everyone has been asking me the multimillion dollar question, how do I cope with Kampar? Well, I guess, all you really need to survive Kampar are five simple things.

Go for all the classes. Classes takes up most of your time. And seriously, being in uni is like the best place to be in Kampar. The campus is beautiful. erm, people, is alil difficult at times, but hey, there's free aircond! Mind you, I don't have aircond installed in my Kampar home. Oh and also join whatever club activities there is. I'm not the type who love joining clubs, but it helps me keep the KL rush alive in Kampar. Yeah. I'm a workaholic, can't help it.

Chilling out with friends. You will laugh when I say, the closest thing to civilisation is actually the latest built McD drive-thru. Pathetic, I know, but true. People there would understand my pain. So yeah, in Kampar, all you can do is yum cha, yum cha and yum cha. Either in MickeyDs or the usual mamaks. I've pretty much tried everything in the ah neh's menu, even those not on the menu like roti tissue cheese banana, I've tried 'em. 

Best.cybercafes.in.Malaysia.ever. I'm serious. Kampar's cybercafes are really good. I've so far never found one in KL as good as the ones in Kampar. So yeah, L4D2 and COD babehh! Totally help destress.

Have an awesome-totally-random-friend. Well, I am kinda random myself I would say. So yeah, I need my partner in crime to keep me alive in Kampar. So, introducing, JoYi aka Justin Bieber. We've pretty much done tons of stuffs together. We've hopped on a plane to Bali, we've roadtrip around most of the Peninsular Malaysia, we've did crazy stuffs, that you'll never imagine.-i've ran around a roundabout in Ipoh before simply cause I was dared to. lol.

MOST importantly, you must have your shiny white carriage.You can disregard all the nonsense I posted on top, but this, you need to have. Without a car, your survival possibilities in Kampar is approximately 0.82%. Well, why is a car so important in Kampar? Well, for starters, there are no taxis in Kampar. The taxis in Kampar are probably as equally old as the uncles who drive them. So if theres no car, you're stuck. No car, no freedom, no roadtrips, no crazy stuffs equals, R.I.P

Yes people. Kampar is a dead town. Please do not come here if you have the choice but as for people who are already here, nah, Kampar ain't that bad. I'm just exaggerating to kill off my boredom and to give Kampar alil' dramatic light to it. Yeah, Kampar is alright. Laid back as it is, it I've come to take it as a getaway for me from my busy-always-on-the-go lifestyle that I have back here in KL. I've accepted it as a place where I can polish my-embarrassed to say, terrible Mandarin. Well God always have a reason to why He does things right? So yeah, I've never planned for Kampar to be in my journey, but I'm here for a reason. And so far, I am starting to learn to like the place.


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Travelogue 0.1: I wanna flyy!

I miss travelling. I miss that giddy feeling you'll have the minute you step foot on to the foreign land. I miss learning how to speak the local dialects and languages. I miss being able to see how different people live their life from a day to day basis. I miss the sense of freedom and liberation that I get from travelling. I miss feeling as though I can be anyone I like when I am away.

I have been travelling locally for just about my whole life. My family isn't rich but nonetheless, my parents try to provide the best for both my brothers and I. And it has been somewhat a tradition for us to at least go for a holiday once per year. Besides that, being with a bunch of great random friends, I've pretty much had road trips all over Peninsular Malaysia! So yeah, Kelantan, to Johor, I've pretty much covered all of 'em.



Bukit Tinggi, Pahang

Cameron Highlands, Pahang




My last trip was actually my very first self-paid trip to Bali. Bali has one of the most amazing sunsets ever. Beautiful sceneries, friendly people. Well atleast not the hagglers on the streets, they scare the shyt out of me. But looking at how the locals make a living totally out of haggling by the streets, trying their best to sell whatever they have to tourists, makes me appreciate life here back in Malaysia much more. It is sad knowing that Bali, being a tourism country, it has been so hard for them to try to make ends meet when the terrorist issues in the recent years had affected the economy. Though through those hardships, the love and happiness shared by friends and family still run strong regardless.

So yeah, I'm looking to go to more places this year if time and money permits. Thailand, prolly. I've been to Thailand when I was darn young. I think I was around four or five when I was there. When I had the typical cina-children mushroom haircut. hahah. wtf i know! But yeah, I was too young when I was there and I don't recall much of that trip but for the fun long train ride that I had with my cousins and the blue Minnie Mouse bag that my mum bought me which I used to love so much. I am hoping to backpack around a few places in Thailand soon. haha. I know, I know. Ambitious huh? haha. Well, I am working my ass off as of this moment towards that dream! I hear from most of my friends who've been there that Thailand is the place to visit. The Land of a Thousand Smiles, they call it. People there are known for being really friendly and welcoming. A place with great sceneries and great people, is a definite must go.

 Wat Arun, Bangkok, Thailand Desktop Wallpapers




Koh Samui

Chiang Mai

Ko Phi Phi

So yeah, I am more of the bagpacking type of girl rather than the ones who stay in a luxurious hotel room sun tanning. I am one who wouldn't mind walking for hours and hours just to experience and submerge myself in the local culture and lifestyle. I would mind getting lost and finding my way in a total new and foreign city. So, takers anyone? I need a backpacking mate!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Top 2011 Fashion Hairstyles.

Okay, seriously, I need a haircut, badly. My ends are not in good terms with one another and they are splitting up, literally. My hair colour is so uneven, I think I have like 3-4 shades of colour all jumbled up on my head! Yeah, I do sound like I have a lion's mane don't I? Well, I really feel like I have one. Another reason is simply cause I feel like having a change of look. haha. Its the time again. I have had a whole cycle of change of hair styles last year and now I'm back to square one. So what should I get this time?


So I did what I do best, ask Dr. G. Well, Dr. G said that these are the top 2011 looks and told me that I should get one of these hairstyles. What do you think?

The "romantic" hairstyle. 
I lol-ed at this when I saw it. I mean, the romantic hairstyle? wtf? Anyways, I guess its supposed to mean the wavy, curly hairstyle.

long wavy curly hairstyle  wavy hairstyle with bangs   beach wave hairstyles

Sassy huh? Look at Megan Fox, she has the 40's Marilyn Monroe, glam look. OMG. How can any guy say no to that? Its super alluring! Curls brings out the feminine vibe in a women, probably the one which suits me most. But believe me, it only does look good on celebrities. I did curls once, its super hard to maintain. And now I've gotten myself a curler, so nah, I don't think I want permanent curls anytime soon. Next..

The Bob
I've always wanted this. But what say you?

short bob haircuts   cute short hairstyle   alizee bob hairstyle

Chic huh? I love how bob brings out the face structure of the person yet still have the soft side to it. It is somewhat mod yet glam. I lovee this. Should I? People say I have a big face. Ya, like I don't already know, sakit k? But having a big face, I have a strong jawline too. And ain't that something good for short hair? I need help! Probably the next cut. Believe me. You will see me with this hair one day. I still want to have my long mane.

The Boy-ish look.
Whaddya say? hahaaa. I got a feeling, half of my friends would probably faint if I do have such short hair. Believe me, questions that I will get will be stuffs like, "Eh! What happened to you lar? You going through some big life crisis isit?" Believe me, this is one of the reactions I've heard when my friend got a Justin Bieber haircut.

celebrity short pixie haircut  short pixie haircut  Sarah-Harding-Pixie-Cropped-Haircut

No. I'm not out of my mind. Seriously. See! Kiera Knightly can rock the look and she has got a big jawline and face. I just might consider. Rocker chic. This cut is really sharp and strong. Not exactly me, cause, I'm always categorized as the feminine type, but hey, I can party too! Besides, its a haircut that demands attention from everyone in the room and yes, which girl doesn't like attention?  

Ahh. It all look soo good! All my friends had been forbidding me to cut my hair off, saying that it will not be "me" anymore. That my "zen" vibe will be killed off which happened when I got my bangs last year. Well, bangs was good, but apparently it doesn't spell "me". So yeah! I need help which hairstyle to get next?


Monday, January 10, 2011

Advertlets Outing: Galactic Laser Tag!

Laser Tag anyone?? haha. Well, many of you 90's babies like me wouldn't know what is laser tag, true or not? I know I didn't until I watched How I Met Your Mother ,it was Barney's favourite game. Yeah, well it is a huge thing in the States and I believe, it just might be the next big thing for Malaysia with Galactic Laser at Mid Valley taking it seriously.

Okay, just to briefly tell you what laser tag is; it is like paint ball, just without the paint and the pain. haha. I'm not kidding you. It doesn't hurt one bit and you still get to shoot and kill people! *peeww pewww* 

Look how cool is this! Oh and this is Leonard

So yeah, Josh made me host the event and heres me trying my best to get the crowd's attention. haha. Wasn't exactly successful, but sorry la, my very first outing with the Advertlets bloggers ma.

Anyways, I met tons of people there, and I'm sorry to say, I'm bad with names, so to people who I've forgotten your names, do not hate me if I ask you again the next time. But, I have to say, you people are really cool! You guys made me feel right at home even if its my first time there. So yeah, thank you peeps!

Basically there are 5 types of games; free-for-all; where you'll get to kill anyone and everyone, team; where you and your friends will be divided into 2 teams and you will have to defeat the other team, find the flags; collect the most flags and win, Mission 1&2; I'm not really sure what the missions are, but this one, is really cool. Seriously, definitely for Starcraft lovers out there. There will be 5 different characters for you to choose from, for example, the commander, the medic and some other which I've forgotten. So, like if you are the medic, when you shoot your team mate's vest, their HP will increase. Super cool right?

The day ended with happy satisfied smiles and people drenched in sweat! haha. Proved how much fun we all had din't we? But yeah, great place for throwing parties, teambuilding activities and corporate functions. So go on over to MV and get your laser guns ready! Price ranges from RM18-40 for members and RM20-55 for non-members. Definitely cheaper than paintball I would say. 

*was too lazy to take pictures with my cheapo camera, decided to steal 'em from better photographers. So pictures thanks to smashpop.net, YeeJinLim.blogspot.com, and FeeqSays.com.


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