Saturday, January 29, 2011

Survival Skills 101: Kampar

First and foremost, sorry for the long MIA. I've been pretty sick for the past few weeks. But nonetheless, the post that I've promised.

So here I am again, back to Cumpar Kampar.

Yeah, thats about it in Kampar. I'm not freaking kidding you! Ok, wait. Do you know where exactly is this place that I have been babbling about? lol. Ok, lets have a short Malaysian geography lesson here for a while alritey? Do you guys know where is the state of Perak? I would say, it is located North of Selangor, the place I call home. Yeah, so it is right above Selangor, about 2 hours drive away. The nearest city to Kampar would actually be Ipoh. And being a city girl like me, believe me, it wasn't easy for me during my first year there. Things are pretty much laid back in Kampar, totally different compared to the usual rush in KL, the rush that I got so used to, I would give up everything for that rush.

So yeah, everyone has been asking me the multimillion dollar question, how do I cope with Kampar? Well, I guess, all you really need to survive Kampar are five simple things.

Go for all the classes. Classes takes up most of your time. And seriously, being in uni is like the best place to be in Kampar. The campus is beautiful. erm, people, is alil difficult at times, but hey, there's free aircond! Mind you, I don't have aircond installed in my Kampar home. Oh and also join whatever club activities there is. I'm not the type who love joining clubs, but it helps me keep the KL rush alive in Kampar. Yeah. I'm a workaholic, can't help it.

Chilling out with friends. You will laugh when I say, the closest thing to civilisation is actually the latest built McD drive-thru. Pathetic, I know, but true. People there would understand my pain. So yeah, in Kampar, all you can do is yum cha, yum cha and yum cha. Either in MickeyDs or the usual mamaks. I've pretty much tried everything in the ah neh's menu, even those not on the menu like roti tissue cheese banana, I've tried 'em. 

Best.cybercafes.in.Malaysia.ever. I'm serious. Kampar's cybercafes are really good. I've so far never found one in KL as good as the ones in Kampar. So yeah, L4D2 and COD babehh! Totally help destress.

Have an awesome-totally-random-friend. Well, I am kinda random myself I would say. So yeah, I need my partner in crime to keep me alive in Kampar. So, introducing, JoYi aka Justin Bieber. We've pretty much done tons of stuffs together. We've hopped on a plane to Bali, we've roadtrip around most of the Peninsular Malaysia, we've did crazy stuffs, that you'll never imagine.-i've ran around a roundabout in Ipoh before simply cause I was dared to. lol.

MOST importantly, you must have your shiny white carriage.You can disregard all the nonsense I posted on top, but this, you need to have. Without a car, your survival possibilities in Kampar is approximately 0.82%. Well, why is a car so important in Kampar? Well, for starters, there are no taxis in Kampar. The taxis in Kampar are probably as equally old as the uncles who drive them. So if theres no car, you're stuck. No car, no freedom, no roadtrips, no crazy stuffs equals, R.I.P

Yes people. Kampar is a dead town. Please do not come here if you have the choice but as for people who are already here, nah, Kampar ain't that bad. I'm just exaggerating to kill off my boredom and to give Kampar alil' dramatic light to it. Yeah, Kampar is alright. Laid back as it is, it I've come to take it as a getaway for me from my busy-always-on-the-go lifestyle that I have back here in KL. I've accepted it as a place where I can polish my-embarrassed to say, terrible Mandarin. Well God always have a reason to why He does things right? So yeah, I've never planned for Kampar to be in my journey, but I'm here for a reason. And so far, I am starting to learn to like the place.



Wai Keat Wong said...

Thanks for sharing your interesting experience! It really looks like a great place for a city-getaway some times. So its a great opportunity for you to slow down your pace in life.

Take care and hope you have a great time there. =)

melaniehwa said...


ahhaha. well, i guess my efforts of trying to make Kampar sound better worked. ahhaha. well, yeah, it is a place for me to, so to speak, rejuvenate from the hectic city lifestyle. =)

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