Wednesday, January 5, 2011


As a tradition that I have been keeping for 2 years now, I don't intend to break that tradition anytime soon. Even though this is a whole new blog, it is still me, right? So yeah, 2010 was nothing short of A.W.E.S.O.M.E for me. Definitely one of those years that made it into Malaysian my history book. A year of learning, a year of opportunities, definitely, a year of smiles and laughters. So do enjoy my highlights of 2010 below alritey?

First pic of 2010

New Years Eve steamboat celebration.

Eldest Brother's Wedding.

CNY! angpauss mali mali!



Penang for 3 times this year, and I still miss their o-chien.

Mass Comm Nite '10- Mafia Night.

Cameron Highlands for the very first time!
 Yeaaa yeaa, I've been to most places in Peninsular Malaysia, but Cameron.

Genting/ Bukit Tinggi.
Looveee the French Village.

The place that stole my heart.

Christmas in Malacca.
poorrkkuu satttaayy!

New Years Eve cum Sing Ee's Birthday celebration
in Malacca and Sepang Gold Coast.

Random Pictures through out the year.





That's about it peeps! That about sums up my 2010! It was overall, a great year. Travelled to many places and even changed my hairstyle for probably 2-3 times this year (explains where all my money went). I've learnt many lifelong lessons, I've made several friends that I will always keep close to heart,  I've seen many things that I will tell my grandchildren when I am old, I've done things that I love and I've vowed to keep doing them. So how did 2010 treated you?

signing off!
this is to an even better 2011
both for me and you!


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