Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Top 2011 Fashion Hairstyles.

Okay, seriously, I need a haircut, badly. My ends are not in good terms with one another and they are splitting up, literally. My hair colour is so uneven, I think I have like 3-4 shades of colour all jumbled up on my head! Yeah, I do sound like I have a lion's mane don't I? Well, I really feel like I have one. Another reason is simply cause I feel like having a change of look. haha. Its the time again. I have had a whole cycle of change of hair styles last year and now I'm back to square one. So what should I get this time?


So I did what I do best, ask Dr. G. Well, Dr. G said that these are the top 2011 looks and told me that I should get one of these hairstyles. What do you think?

The "romantic" hairstyle. 
I lol-ed at this when I saw it. I mean, the romantic hairstyle? wtf? Anyways, I guess its supposed to mean the wavy, curly hairstyle.

long wavy curly hairstyle  wavy hairstyle with bangs   beach wave hairstyles

Sassy huh? Look at Megan Fox, she has the 40's Marilyn Monroe, glam look. OMG. How can any guy say no to that? Its super alluring! Curls brings out the feminine vibe in a women, probably the one which suits me most. But believe me, it only does look good on celebrities. I did curls once, its super hard to maintain. And now I've gotten myself a curler, so nah, I don't think I want permanent curls anytime soon. Next..

The Bob
I've always wanted this. But what say you?

short bob haircuts   cute short hairstyle   alizee bob hairstyle

Chic huh? I love how bob brings out the face structure of the person yet still have the soft side to it. It is somewhat mod yet glam. I lovee this. Should I? People say I have a big face. Ya, like I don't already know, sakit k? But having a big face, I have a strong jawline too. And ain't that something good for short hair? I need help! Probably the next cut. Believe me. You will see me with this hair one day. I still want to have my long mane.

The Boy-ish look.
Whaddya say? hahaaa. I got a feeling, half of my friends would probably faint if I do have such short hair. Believe me, questions that I will get will be stuffs like, "Eh! What happened to you lar? You going through some big life crisis isit?" Believe me, this is one of the reactions I've heard when my friend got a Justin Bieber haircut.

celebrity short pixie haircut  short pixie haircut  Sarah-Harding-Pixie-Cropped-Haircut

No. I'm not out of my mind. Seriously. See! Kiera Knightly can rock the look and she has got a big jawline and face. I just might consider. Rocker chic. This cut is really sharp and strong. Not exactly me, cause, I'm always categorized as the feminine type, but hey, I can party too! Besides, its a haircut that demands attention from everyone in the room and yes, which girl doesn't like attention?  

Ahh. It all look soo good! All my friends had been forbidding me to cut my hair off, saying that it will not be "me" anymore. That my "zen" vibe will be killed off which happened when I got my bangs last year. Well, bangs was good, but apparently it doesn't spell "me". So yeah! I need help which hairstyle to get next?



forever3ver said...

the romantic one!

melaniehwa said...

but i had it before? go for it again? haha

Tayshawn said...

Mel, cant get bob cut lar, face shape not suitable, still, stick to romantic!=)

bkfeng said...

Heck i say go for the boyish look! I shaved my head lol, go drastic while you're young!

melaniehwa said...

tayshawn: haha. so i still hafta stick to long hair?
bkfeng: ahhahaha. ur bald now?

Sue said...

Go for the bob first , then boyish look !!!! U got strong jawline ! Definitely will look good on u with a whole new Melanie !!

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