Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Travelogue 1.1: Bali, Indonesia.

Bali was everything a girl could wish for. Romantic sunsets, beautiful beaches, breathtaking sceneries and superbly cheap bargains! Yes, I left my heart by the beaches of Bali when I went there last October. I wish to go back if life permits though, I haven't got a chance to fully tour Bali. Anyways, here's how my trip went.

31 October 2010
Lift off. Never did I feel anymore free and liberated when I looked out the windows of the 707 that I was on. Looking at the never-ending blue skies, simply took my breath away.

But I sat excited, holding on to my seat, knowing that there is definitely more to expect once I land on the land of unknown. And Bali, did not disappoint me. My first stop, the temples of Ulu Watu, charmed me over all the more.

With the cheeky monkeys.

This one is always ready for the camera. *say cheese!*

Breathtaking sunset. #1. Believe me, theres more to come!

Kecak dance. It was pretty good. Me and my friend was alil' lost at first, and we were making fun of how funny the tribal song was and how it really sounded like cockroach in Cantonese "kacak". But all in all, I would say, they were really good in potraying their beliefs and their mythical stories.

and to wrap up my wonderful day, Sushi! ohheemmgeee. believe me when I say, the sushi there are orgasmic! If you know me, you'd know that I'm a huge sushi fan and I wouldn't mind having sushi everyday as a meal. And the one is Bali, its fishes not only fresh, its meat is superbly thick and juicy! mmmmmm...

1 November 2010
Rise and Shine. I stayed in Tune Hotel Legian when I was there. It was alil' dodgy looking in terms of its strategic locations but nonetheless, its services were top notch. I love waking up to its 5-star bed! And what's on the menu for day 2, you might ask. Well, first up, I went to the famous Kintamani Volcano for lunch.

Kintamani Volcano. Its actually still active. I saw some smoke coming up when I was having lunch. 

Tried the famous Luwak (blue mountain) coffee. Very fragrant.

This was the Terraced rice paddy fields, Bali.

We then rushed over to Dreamland beach. This place literally took my breath away. The most beautiful beach in Bali that I've been to.

Breathtaking sunset. #2.

Some of the uber cheap bargains that I've found. heee.

2 November 2010
And so, the journey continues. After being mesmorised by the volcanoes and the beach, back to the ever famous temple, Tanah Lot for more sunsets.

Beautiful sunset. #3. Tanah Lot, is, my dear friends, a place that you must, must must go. Believe me, its sunset is the best in Bali.

And so, we were back to prepare for the night.

Bali Nightlife. A memorable night to remember for life.

3 November 2010
A heavy feeling was there ever since I woke up that day. Things and wonders that I've seen and felt seemed so real and I definitely did not want to go back to reality this fast. But Bali ensured that I leave with more stories to tell, when I caught this with my camera at Kuta Beach just right before we left for the airport.

A mother and her son, playing by the beach, without any worries of the world.

The brave courageous, young surfer.

The undivided love shared by siblings.

True love.

Captivating sunset. #4.

and also, the Bintang beer, locally brewed in Indonesia. Pretty good and cheap.

And so, I left Bali, wiser and bigger than I am the moment I step foot 3 days ago. Looking at the way the locals struggled through haggling just to make ends meet, makes my heart go out for them. Experiencing at how they live life through their sacred cultural and religious practices makes me realise that people still do yearn for God's presence regardless of the places we are in. Feeling and living another life at another place, makes me feel more alive than I ever had.

i left my heart by the beach, where the sun rises and sets everyday, where people of different stories come together, where my footsteps were long washed away by the strong waves into the vast seas.-melaniehwa.


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