Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Advertlets: Johnnie Walker Jet Black Party 2011, Singapore.

So yes! My very first Johnnie Walker party all the way down in the beautiful city of Singapore. Yea, it was a pretty random trip with Josh, Rebecca and Jason. It took us a total of about 6-7 hours of car drive all the way from KL to Singapore. Urgh. buntut sakit giler. Srsly, next time, its either flight or... flight.

Anyhows, we reached Singapore pretty much just in time for the event but Singapore really did amaze me. It was really clean, and everywhere smelled so nice! Its been years since I was in Singapore and I really like it there. Posh cars, stylish people, clean and beautiful buildings. The only thing I didn't like was that everything you do, you will be fined.

Anyways, here's some pictures from the trip.

First things first, Cam whore! I can't remember the name of the hotel we stayed in, but I really liked the hotel. Especially its modern, clean and classy design. And not to mention, it smells really good all the time! 

Johnnie Walker was really creative when they had this chio rubber wrist band, where we can check into the event on our facebook when we simply just tap it on a machine. 

Beautiful girls everywhere! 

This is just a short update on Johnnie Walker from me. I definitely did have fun with this short getaway. People I met were nice and free flow of Johnnie Walker all night long! So now, back to Malaysia, where the roads are stained with spit marks, people smoking cigarettes in public, and traffic jams are everywhere to be seen. Ahh. This is what I call, home.

toodles for now.~


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