Friday, April 29, 2011

melaniehwa's randomness # 3.: the Royal Wedding live telecast!

It has been every girl's fairy tale to marry a Prince and it is definitely a fairy tale come true for the beautiful Kate Middleton. Witness the live telecast of the fairy tale wedding right this instant at Westminister's Abbey (a place that I MUST visit, one day) by clicking this link now! Now, now girls, don't be sourgrapes. Though we girls couldn't be the girl that the Prince Charming chooses, we should still be happy for the newly weds. Oh, btw, I think its sad that the Prince is balding now. He used to be every girl's Prince Charming. Oh well, I guess, its good for the-soon-to-be Princess Kate Middleton, if not most girls from all around the world would have started to plot against her. Do also read more from the CNN's liveblog about the union of these two lovebirds.

The place where all fairy tales, come true.

the Westminister's Abbey.
I die die must go this place!

Some pictures taken live from the wedding ceremony.

 Prince William (center) arrives with his brother, Prince Harry.

The famous handsome David Beckham arrives with his beautiful wife, Victoria Beckham.

oh, and did I mention how simply gorgeous Kate's wedding gown is? It is designed by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen. Look at it! I would die for that wedding dress.

On a side note, please tell me someone noticed the similarities between Kate Middleton and the American Nickelodeon star, Amanda Bynes! Look at this picture!

Check out the live stream link NOW as the ROYAL WEDDING commences!
Congratulations to the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!


Monday, April 18, 2011

280311: I'm finally Legal! 2.0

And so, the awesome birthday celebration continues! I'm not kidding when I said, I have some awesome friends, that I would give up everything and anything for. Continue reading my five-part birthday posts to know why.

Friday, 250311.
Well, I rushed back from Kampar cause Josh told me that the Advertlets team will be having a small dinner celebration for my birthday. And feeling contented and happy that just after a short time working with them; they are such a great and supportive working family that I have learn to love.

So yeah, that day, I actually arrived 2 hours late to my very own party. Ok lah, it was my fault. I left slightly late, as usual, due to my really terrible make up skills trying to get ready and then, added up with the usual KL traffic, AND I got lost! So after 2 how hours of driving, I arrived at The Hills, and I really liked the place as soon as I first laid eyes on it. It was a beautiful place to dine in with your friends or with someone special. And so I was rushing up the stairs, hoping to catch up for lost time, it was to my surprise that all of my friends from secondary school and also my close friends were there. I was speechless, I would say. Here's some of the pictures.

I love this shot, I dunno why.

Here's how blur I looked when I first got there.
and I saw this...

My friends from my secondary school and my close friends!

Here's the evil mastermind behind everything, meet the famous Josh Lim.

Also, meet MYNJAYZ aka Jason Ong, Josh's partner in crime.

Thanks Azrin for being there though we just briefly met and also thanks for the awesome pictures!

Meet Rick, definitely one of the few friends that I would cherish for life. 
I have your back, dude.

and meet Annie! My sweetheart!

and the Birthday cake came!

It was a pleasant surprise all thanks to Josh and Jason. Thank you guys who helped out in making this day happen, thanks to those who were there, thank you Annie, for that  ching-a bracelets, special thanks to Josh and Jason especially for all those extensive invites to most people on my FB and to whoever I know, for picking out the perfect birthday cake (my fav BR very berry icecream cake), and for going through all those hassle just to make this 21st a memorable one for me. Sorry I couldn't put everyone's names and pictures up. You know who you are.

Group shot.

ps. pictures thanks to Azrin and Jason.


Saturday, April 16, 2011

280311: I'm finally Legal! 1.0

As of the date above, I've officially turned legal. Yes, I know many of you might not know this, but I am only 21. So the big TWO-ONE, everyone say that it is a big deal turning 21 and I guess, I couldn't help but to agree. This birthday, I would say, is the best birthday ever up to date. This is because, I got to spend it with the most important people in the world, that is my family and my friends. I've always felt that regardless, the things that I have in the world, people who are dear to me are what matters most at the end of the day. So here's the first part of my very belated five-part birthday blog post. haha. This is so not to bore you with the excessive awesome parties thrown by my awesome awesome friends and family.

Wednesday, 230311.
And so, I have been bugging my foundation friends in Kampar for ages now to have a BBQ dinner that we use to have so often. Not only was there good food, but I always loved the time that we spent together doing crazy, out-of-mind things which cracks everyone up. And guess what? They were so kind to have one small BBQ dinner for me despite their heavy workload from college. I really did enjoy the short gathering with them despite not being as closely in touch with them as I wish we were. Anyhows, here's some pictures of that night.

Thanks to WWW, YMC, Edward and Tayshawn, not forgetting Janell. Thank you guys, for knowing that I've been wanting to have a BBQ party and having it for me. Thank you for going through all those trouble. Thank you guys who took a few hours off your hectic schedule just to entertain me, especially you Tayshawn (I sure hope your report went well). Thanks to Janell and Rick, for that beautiful striking red purse (you guys knows what I like best!) Thank you guys for cracking me up always with the crazy things you do (real life WAR one day k? I mean it!) Thank you guys for listening and being there for  me last year, when I was down. So yes, next up, Edward's bdae! Any plans guys?


Friday, April 15, 2011

Advertlets: Tiffany & Co.

Jeweleries are always, lemme emphasize that, aaallwayysss, every women's best friend. And to be given a chance to be at Tiffany & Co.'s Official F1 Lounge at the Grand Millennium Hotel over looking KL's beautiful night view, what more can a girl ask for? I had a taste of the posh lifestyle of the rich and famous, and it was really nice. It sure feels like living with the upper eastsiders for the very first time, very gossipgirl-ish.

Here are some pictures of the event.

The grand entrance.

Me with the Advertlets bloggers.

That's sweet Naomi.

Beautiful, super tall and slim models of that night. 
We were all gawking over their beauty.

I loveeee this piece.

Tiffany & Co. jeweleries. 
I was trying really hard to control myself from burning a hole in my purse.
The whole table of jeweleries total up to about half a million!

The door gifts from Tiffany & co.

ps. pictures taken from Pauline Tan and Advertlets.


Monday, April 11, 2011

F.O.X Makeup!

It was last Sunday when I went for the free 15-minutes complimentary F.O.X Makeup session that I've won from Rebecca's blog. Thanks Becca! Well, I'm glad I actually won this. If you don't already know, I'm totally hopeless with what most women call, their best friend. And with F.O.X's easy makeup steps, I've learnt tips and tricks to achieve the look that I've always wanted! Scroll down for more pictures of my magical transformation.

The golden ticket!

The Before.
All getting prepped up! *excited*
Oh, and pleasee do forgive my naked face. 
Terrible skin condition + eyebag monstaaa + scars! arhh.
ps. anyone have any suggestions that can help me with these problems? TQVM

The Transformation.
And the magic begins!
She was really friendly and nice! All the makeup artist there are ever ready to answer any of your questions and also to guide you through any steps that you are unclear about. Oh, and I really like their vibrating mascara and gel eye liner! Really long lasting.

The After.
Taaa-daaaaa.. I choose the Glamour Eye-Makeup short crash course lesson cause I figured, I really need them for events! so here it is!  What do you think?

Remember to go over to F.O.X Makeup for these easy and great short-crash courses! They have many different ranges of classes for you to choose from. To achieve flawless skin, for night glam-look or even the simple day-look, head over to F.O.X makeup for help, if you are as hopeless as I am. With just the purchase of a RM 50 and above of products, you will be entitled for these courses with a little top-up of RM15 or 20 according to your desired course. Oh, and they actually give everyone of us a lil' souvenir to bring home with!

Here's mine. I love this picture to bits! Head on over now to F.O.X makeup counter, Parkson @Sunway Pyramid, 1U, Sg. Wang for a lil' girl time!


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Advertlets: Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge, Msia 2011 is HERE!

I was over at Singapore for the Jet Black party earlier last month and I find it pretty okayy. And apparently, my colleagues, Josh and Jason, claimed that, that was nothing near Johnnie Walker in Malaysia. And that got me really excited, I'm not gonna lie! Here's a short video on last year's Black Circuit Lounge.

Unfortunately, I wasn't there to experience it myself last year. But this year, I sure hope I do. The JW Black Circuit Lounge this year is set to be on this very Saturday, 9th April 2011 and I wanna party with the rockstars!

Johnnie Walker, the World’s number one Scotch whisky and global partner for highly successful Formula One team McLaren Mercedes did an after race party experience which is held in Kuala Lumpur last year. The Black Circuit Lounge. The reason Johnnie Walker has partnered with VMM because they both share the values of innovation, winning and leadership.

On this coming April 9th, this Ultimate V-VIP Race Party will be delivered in Black. This luxury race party will feature Superstar-mixer DJ Enferno from the East Coast and DJ Sophia Lin will show Kuala Lumpur why she has captivated the Hollywood clubbing scene. Definitive Hip Hop DJs in Asia, Hong Kong’s DVDJ I-Tek and Malaysia’s very own sweetheart DJ Faith will also be spinning for the A-listers at the Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge.

DJ Sophia Lin

DJ Bento from Japan!

DJ Faith


So it all boils down to the ultimate question;

"What have I done to deserve the rewards of luxury and a successful lifestyle?"

I would say, everything that I am working for right now. I just turned 21, and I have worked numerous jobs, seeking for adventures and experience while hoping to earn some extra cash to help my parents make ends meet. I am a full-time student, juggling time between several jobs, getting assignments done in time, sleeping at 3am every morning, all just to work towards my dreams. Furthermore, I have been one, who seeks thrills in the unknown and jumps at every risk life has to offer and all these, so far, has worked out for me in growing nearer towards achieving my goals, and being 21, i still hope to be able to have alil' fun on my way there.

After all that I’ve gone through, I believe I deserve the rewards of luxury and a successful lifestyle. The success that I’ve achieved today has definitely become one of the most amazing things happened in my life! And for me, such a glorious success in life is BEST to enjoy with Johnnie Walker® as it is the World's Leading Scotch Whiskey and has partnered with highly successful Vodafone Mclaren Mercedes because they both share the values of INNOVATIONWINNING and LEADERSHIP! 

If you are interested to obtain this exclusive money-cannot-buy opportunity to experience the Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge, do check out Johnnie Walker Malaysia Facebook page! From there, you will be able to find out how you can win exclusive passes to the ultimate party of the year and stay updated on the latest news! 

Now lets open up the bottles and start the party, VVIP style!

to JW, Keep Walking!

Do remember always,


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