Sunday, April 3, 2011

Travelogue 1.2: Hanoi, Vietnam.

I've been to capital Hanoi which was situated at the very north of Vietnam, earlier this year. And the very one thing that I regretted was not bringing enough warm clothes. It was freezing cold up there since it was just the beginning of spring. But apparently the locals said that it is the best time for visiting in Hanoi. The weather was breezy though alil' too cold for me when the wind blows. But it was the season when flowers blossomed and birds roamed the skies. Simply beautiful. So here's my long belated travelogue post.

11 February 2011
Its been six months since I was up on air again and it has ever since been an itch that I can not possibly ignore any more further. So thank you Advertlets, I am given a chance to fly, to visit that familiar never-ending blue skies and to have that sense of calm-liberation once again. 

Not knowing what to expect due to lack of time for preparation, I landed at Hanoi, only knowing that the Viets are averagely smaller and shorter in size and height compared to us, as I was told by Josh. I laughed it off, thinking how is that possible. Little did I know, it was actually true! Our friends, the locals there, actually claimed that me, only 5"4", were really tall and as they told me that, I looked down onto their feet only to realise that they are wearing 4 inch heels but still am shorter than I am. I sounded mean don't I? But, nah. All I wanted to say is, the effects of war isn't only limited to killing and dying but also shorter citizens, due to their malnourished bodies. So, say no to war!

So we toured the city of Hanoi after our meetings and Hanoi, I must say, is a city similar to Beijing. I've never been there, yet but I'm speaking as a movie buff who has visually visited most famous countries in the whole world through movies. But they do have these; the mystical Turtle tower of Hanoi, the scary communist uniforms, and the famous Vietnam straw caps.

The very first thing I noticed about Vietnam is actually the driving ethics that the people have over there. Believe me, they are professional F1 drivers. They will honk 24/7 but with an intention to warn people of their presence and they are daring drivers with skills, kids under 18 should never ever try without any professional supervision. I'm not kidding you. Even a task as simple as crossing the road, is not for the weak-hearted. I must give it to them, Viets, though they are short, they are damn gungho.

Our friends brought us to a famous Vietnamese spring roll restaurant, Quan Nom, for lunch after our meeting. And these babies, ohhheemmmgeeee. I still miss the taste of it every single day after I'm back in Malaysia. The spring rolls there are totally different with the ones which claimed to be Vietnamese spring rolls here in Msia. It is a meal where you mix their papaya soup, fresh veggies, succulent bbq grilled meat and crispy fresh crab meat spring rolls all into one bowl with vermicelli noodles. I tell you, the sweet and light taste of the soup with deliciously made grilled meat and spring rolls paired up with the sweet Bia Hanoi, is a taste from Heaven.

These are real blossoms. They only blossom once per year during the beginning of spring. Beautiful.

The hectic/crazy streets of Hanoi. 4-way traffic, all at once. No kidding!

Found this beauty by the streets of Hanoi.

12 February 2011
So as for day two, we've decided to head up to Ha long Bay which is about 3 hours away from Hanoi. We've decided to take the bus to save cost. And lucky me, my stomach decided to act out on me that very particular day. Yes, I had a bad diarrhea throughout that 3 hours bus ride. Worst experience ever, since the toilets there aren't exactly toilet-like. But I remembered the heavenly Vietnamese french loaf. This you must try. They are sold by ladies who go up to every bus that passes by, selling their loafs for a really cheap price. It is crispy on the outside, light as cotton in the inside. Simply delicious. 

Sorry for the lack of pictures for today, wasn't feeling well.

Spa. Always my favourite getaway.

13 February 2011
Last day before we head back to good ol' Malaysia, we visited the famous Ha Long Bay. I've known of this place since last year, when a friend of mine whom I've met in Bali, went over to Vietnam afterwards. And believe me when I say, I was in awe when I was there myself, witnessing its beauty with my very own eyes. The natural geographical structures, her akwardness standing out tall in the middle of nothing but the vast seas, makes her all the more special and breath taking.

From the ship's deck.


Viet's live their life right in the middle of the sea by selling fruits and sea creatures that they breed or caught. With minimal light and electric source at night, I don't think I can survive in the middle of the dangerous ocean. I admire them for that. Oh, and I really love their dragon fruit as well. Its wayy sweeter than the ones here.

And so this is Hanoi, Vietnam. I am glad to have step foot on this very part of the world. I came and I see and I conquered. I will definitely be back to Vietnam for Ho Chi Minh. Watch out!

And so, I sailed off, taking nothing but sweet memories, remembering the smell of the sea and the feel of the cold breeze which once touched my skin.-  melaniehwa.



jfook said...

Nice photos....=)

melaniehwa said...

thanksss jfook! =)

Miyagestore said...

looks fun ehh..think should consider here for next traveling plans d. . .


melaniehwa said...

heey. =)

Well, Hanoi wouldn't be a place I would recommend for it being fun though, but nonetheless, you should pay a visit to learn how differently they live their lives. =)


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