Saturday, April 16, 2011

280311: I'm finally Legal! 1.0

As of the date above, I've officially turned legal. Yes, I know many of you might not know this, but I am only 21. So the big TWO-ONE, everyone say that it is a big deal turning 21 and I guess, I couldn't help but to agree. This birthday, I would say, is the best birthday ever up to date. This is because, I got to spend it with the most important people in the world, that is my family and my friends. I've always felt that regardless, the things that I have in the world, people who are dear to me are what matters most at the end of the day. So here's the first part of my very belated five-part birthday blog post. haha. This is so not to bore you with the excessive awesome parties thrown by my awesome awesome friends and family.

Wednesday, 230311.
And so, I have been bugging my foundation friends in Kampar for ages now to have a BBQ dinner that we use to have so often. Not only was there good food, but I always loved the time that we spent together doing crazy, out-of-mind things which cracks everyone up. And guess what? They were so kind to have one small BBQ dinner for me despite their heavy workload from college. I really did enjoy the short gathering with them despite not being as closely in touch with them as I wish we were. Anyhows, here's some pictures of that night.

Thanks to WWW, YMC, Edward and Tayshawn, not forgetting Janell. Thank you guys, for knowing that I've been wanting to have a BBQ party and having it for me. Thank you for going through all those trouble. Thank you guys who took a few hours off your hectic schedule just to entertain me, especially you Tayshawn (I sure hope your report went well). Thanks to Janell and Rick, for that beautiful striking red purse (you guys knows what I like best!) Thank you guys for cracking me up always with the crazy things you do (real life WAR one day k? I mean it!) Thank you guys for listening and being there for  me last year, when I was down. So yes, next up, Edward's bdae! Any plans guys?


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