Friday, April 29, 2011

melaniehwa's randomness # 3.: the Royal Wedding live telecast!

It has been every girl's fairy tale to marry a Prince and it is definitely a fairy tale come true for the beautiful Kate Middleton. Witness the live telecast of the fairy tale wedding right this instant at Westminister's Abbey (a place that I MUST visit, one day) by clicking this link now! Now, now girls, don't be sourgrapes. Though we girls couldn't be the girl that the Prince Charming chooses, we should still be happy for the newly weds. Oh, btw, I think its sad that the Prince is balding now. He used to be every girl's Prince Charming. Oh well, I guess, its good for the-soon-to-be Princess Kate Middleton, if not most girls from all around the world would have started to plot against her. Do also read more from the CNN's liveblog about the union of these two lovebirds.

The place where all fairy tales, come true.

the Westminister's Abbey.
I die die must go this place!

Some pictures taken live from the wedding ceremony.

 Prince William (center) arrives with his brother, Prince Harry.

The famous handsome David Beckham arrives with his beautiful wife, Victoria Beckham.

oh, and did I mention how simply gorgeous Kate's wedding gown is? It is designed by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen. Look at it! I would die for that wedding dress.

On a side note, please tell me someone noticed the similarities between Kate Middleton and the American Nickelodeon star, Amanda Bynes! Look at this picture!

Check out the live stream link NOW as the ROYAL WEDDING commences!
Congratulations to the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!


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