Monday, April 18, 2011

280311: I'm finally Legal! 2.0

And so, the awesome birthday celebration continues! I'm not kidding when I said, I have some awesome friends, that I would give up everything and anything for. Continue reading my five-part birthday posts to know why.

Friday, 250311.
Well, I rushed back from Kampar cause Josh told me that the Advertlets team will be having a small dinner celebration for my birthday. And feeling contented and happy that just after a short time working with them; they are such a great and supportive working family that I have learn to love.

So yeah, that day, I actually arrived 2 hours late to my very own party. Ok lah, it was my fault. I left slightly late, as usual, due to my really terrible make up skills trying to get ready and then, added up with the usual KL traffic, AND I got lost! So after 2 how hours of driving, I arrived at The Hills, and I really liked the place as soon as I first laid eyes on it. It was a beautiful place to dine in with your friends or with someone special. And so I was rushing up the stairs, hoping to catch up for lost time, it was to my surprise that all of my friends from secondary school and also my close friends were there. I was speechless, I would say. Here's some of the pictures.

I love this shot, I dunno why.

Here's how blur I looked when I first got there.
and I saw this...

My friends from my secondary school and my close friends!

Here's the evil mastermind behind everything, meet the famous Josh Lim.

Also, meet MYNJAYZ aka Jason Ong, Josh's partner in crime.

Thanks Azrin for being there though we just briefly met and also thanks for the awesome pictures!

Meet Rick, definitely one of the few friends that I would cherish for life. 
I have your back, dude.

and meet Annie! My sweetheart!

and the Birthday cake came!

It was a pleasant surprise all thanks to Josh and Jason. Thank you guys who helped out in making this day happen, thanks to those who were there, thank you Annie, for that  ching-a bracelets, special thanks to Josh and Jason especially for all those extensive invites to most people on my FB and to whoever I know, for picking out the perfect birthday cake (my fav BR very berry icecream cake), and for going through all those hassle just to make this 21st a memorable one for me. Sorry I couldn't put everyone's names and pictures up. You know who you are.

Group shot.

ps. pictures thanks to Azrin and Jason.


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iamg33k said...

Ahhhhh brings back lotsa memories. Close friends are a rare find and should definitely be treasured. Glad you had some amazing ones around to celebrate your birthday with you.

I also just blogged about my belated birthday party ... this year I wanted something different and I got what I wanted ... http://www.yogaretnam.com/birthday/the-belated-birthday-party/


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