Friday, March 25, 2011

Advertlets: Tune Talk Justin Bieber in Msia.

Well, I'm doing this in hopes to win my best buddy cum partner in crime, Jo *Justine Bieber* Yi some movie premiere tickets. Nah, I'm not gonna pin it all on her, I, myself, am actually looking forward to his movie. Apparently critics gave really good reviews for the movie! Its not everyday that you'll see a sixteen year old, having a movie about his life! That definitely say something about him. But yeah, regardless, meet my friend, JoYi. She really does look like JB no? She's been delusional and had been publically announcing that JB, 5 years her junior, is her long lost sibling. haha.

So here's my entry, in hopes to win some Bieber tickets to make her happy. 

If you don't already know, TuneTalk is the responsible for it all happen! 

Tune Talk is the latest mobile prepaid service provider in Malaysia; with rates as low as RM 0.16 (Australia) and RM 0.20 for International SMS. It’s no wonder many people are starting to use for the mobile needs. On top of that subscribers from 12 to 65 years old will be insured with a FREE RM100,000 Personal Accidental Insurance Coverage. To enjoy the free insurance, just maintain a monthly top-up of RM30.00 and stay active! That’s not all you also get an opportunity to win one of the ten FREE AirAsia E-Gift vouchers everyday !

Promotion rates

And yes, why do I deserve winning the tickets to watch this child superstar on the screens? Well, for one, it would make JoYi, really happy. Second, I've always believed in the phrase "Never Say Never" which is literally my life mantra. I have always tried my best in things regardless how hard it may seem and many times, it has yielded so many rewards. This phrase so happened to be JB's movie title. Hence, explains why I really want to learn how JB, at such tender age, shoot up to stardom. I believe, his story is something everyone should hear about.

So this is to hoping I would win some tickets for both me and JoYi's sake. You can too join and submit your entry if you want to meet JB. Learn more from here. Remember to send in your entries now as the contest ends today!

Also, Tune Talk brings you The Belieber’s Day Out at the Curve, 16th April, Saturday from 2pm onwards. Bieber fans, see you there!


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