Friday, March 18, 2011

I've got heels fetish.

I'm falling in love with really high heels. The higher, the better. I mean, why not? Yea, I'm only 5'3, short, I know. All the more reason to lengthen my legs. Those high heels, not only make me look taller, it immediately take a few pounds off my fat thighs! I'm not kidding. Girls out there, its a trick to be learnt. And I love it when these babies can me me feel  really confident and in control whenever I stride into a room, any room, for that matters. Well, its a good thing, no? We girls should always walk, shoulders squared, chin up. 

Look at these polka dots baby!
 I've always, always loved polka dots. 
True definition of classic, demure, with alil' cheekiness all wrapped up in one.

Psychedelically colours! 
I've always been crazy for bright colours, especially yellow. 
Somewhat adds the spunk to your outfit, don't ya think? 
Seriously, how can you say no to those heels?

Designs like this which screams attention!
I've been searching high and low for this all over KL now with no avail. =(

The good-for-everything-Boots.
I have been gawking at these babies for damn long now.
They go well with almost everything in the fashion dictionary! 
Pair em' up with shorts, denims, minis, dresses or even leggings and you're good to go.

My all-time-favourite,
The classic peep-toes.
I swear I have at least 3-4 of these in my shoe rack.
and I don't mind adding more to the collection.

And so again, with this post, I officially announce that I'm down with the shopping fever. I'm so on for a hunting mission for all these babies! How can I leave them undiscovered, unowned and alone in the shops? Shopping kaki, anyone?


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