Thursday, March 3, 2011

Advertlets: iMASTravel!

Last Saturday, Tamarind Hills hosted the lauch of MAS Airlines MASTraveller campaign and MHbuddy for bloggers, media and special guests. And lucky for me, I was there too. What was on the menu for the night was tabla artiste, haka war dance and pseudo-belly dancing performances which left me in awe. To make things all the more better, the food by Tamarind was really good!

I was thankful that I saw several familiar faces the other day to keep me company, if not, I would be totally out of place! Met lots of new people and tons of camwhoring and chatters definitely made me feel right at home.

So  if you don’t already know what MASTraveller is, it is actually a blogger engagement program that rewards bloggers with all-expense paid holidays to exotic destinations. So bloggers out there, want to jump on the next flight to Paris, Auckland, Tokyo, Seoul? and have your travel blog be featured on Yahoo! Travel Malaysia? AND also win a blogger trainning session with Yahoo! South East Asia? Then continue reading this post.

All you need to do is to:
  1. Register as a MASTraveller.
  2. Share your travel blog/post, doesn’t matter if it’s new or old.
  3. Submit a 1-minute video and telling why you deserve to win.
  4. Promote your entry. The number of likes you receive contribute towards your overall score.
Raja Zamilia, Exec Vice President, Communications Malaysia Airlines, Farzleen Fadzil Khan, Editor for Custom Sites, Yahoo! Southeast Asia and also, local singer/songwriter Yuna Zarai will be the judges who will determine your fate!

And also check out the new MHbuddy. It is the latest Facebook app that enables you to book and to check your flight itinerary. Some of the features are as below:
  • Book Flights -- over 100 destinations, directly on Facebook
  • Retrieve and review your travel itinerary
  • Check-in -- checkin and get boarding pass without leaving Facebook
  • Get2Gether -- find out where your friends are & select you seat next to them!
  • Hook Up -- find friends living in the city you are headed to. Let them know you’re coming!
  • Shout Out -- share your travel itinerary with your friends, make them your MHbuddy
So travel buddies out there, want to jump on the next flight with me?

*Click Advertlets' facebook page for more info!
*pics taken off Rames, Feeq, Vernon, Jason's blog.



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Hey! delicious? the restaurant? haha. thanks for your support!

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