Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happiieee See-aNd-whY!

Happyyyyyyy Chinese New Year! a really belated one tho, yes I know. But yeah, I intended for this post to be after the full fifteen days of CNY. Anyways, GONG XI GONG XI. So yeah, heres my see-and-why post. Why see-and-why? Easy, cause, it requires you to see my post and know why! lame, I know. okok. enough crapping. I'm just rather hyper now after whole day of class. So let me walk you through my boring CNY.

Cho 1.
Meet the whole "Hwa" clan. 
First up, gramps with the kids.

Filial sons.
Notice the similarity in their faces!

Dad and Granddad.

Oh and, please meet my cute teddy bear, Sue Mae.

The whole family.

and the happy-go-lucky mummy.

To make CNY all the more better, the food! omgee, I swear a gained atleast a pound or two from CNY itself.

The famous yummy homemade lohbak!

Check this out! 
My cute grandma brought me to her garden, ecstatic to show me this plant. Its flowers look exactly like little birdies. Cool huh?

Cho 9.
Gambleee! Believe me when I say, Im not one who loves gambling. I see it more as an activity to share with family and friends. So yeah, what does Kamparian do when its CNY? Yes, we gamble. We played everything from mahjong to blackjack to poker. And I just have to boast about this, I actually got triple 7 in Blackjack! weee. 

Cho 15, Chap Goh Mei.
Last day of CNY, also known as the chinese vdae. So my friends and I decided to go down to Ipoh for a treat. We went to this steamboat/bbq buffet restaurant. Believe me, the food here, deeeeeee-liciouss. 

Nope, not ang pau. This is actually the wrapper for the wet tissue. Creative huh?

Look at that big fat piece of lard. Yumms.



Ashleey and me, caught eating.

Justin Bieber aka JoYi

Failed camwhore pic.

Guess what are these for?

Yeah, you've guessed it right. The tossing of mandarin oranges, a chinese tradition that had been passed down from generations to generations. This is actually my first time experiencing and witnessing how this tradition work. So yeah, we went over to a beautiful temple in Ipoh, and my oh my, did it surprised me with the amount of people there!

I was half amazed and amused with the amount of people who are so engrossed in finding the right mandarin orange in the men-made pond. Super a lot of despo people, no?

Anyways, that pretty much sums up my 15 days of CNY. 
Gong Xi Fa Chai and I wish you and your family a happy prosperous, fat and fatt rabbit year.
May you hop to higher heights in your studies, work, business and love.


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Sam said...

Looks like you have had a good time.

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