Monday, February 7, 2011

Love is in the air at Holiday Villa Subang.

Its St. Valentine's day again! White Valentines to be exact. Ah well, for me, I think vdae is actually overrated. Sorry to say, but yeah. No no, I'm not some sad, sappy, unromantic girl who hates vdae, in fact I'll be in ultimate joy if  the person I like treat me to a great, romantic date; regardless the same old, cheesy, lame, candle light dinner or buy me some superbly huge teddy bear. But what I'm trying to say is, vdae shouldn't be just "A" day. If you love someone, everyday should be a celebration of love. For all I know, vdae could have been the Sept 14th or even my birthday, March 28th! *hinthint*

But anyhows, vdae is still vdae. So a romantic dinner and gifts are still a definite must! Don't go around telling your other half, "My friend, Melanie says Valentines is just another Hallmark holiday and shouldn't be celebrated," Nope. I've never said that. Guys, you should definitely try your best to make that particular day as special as possible so that it will be one of your dearly cherished shared memories.

And you're in luck this year! Holiday Villa Subang is actually having a few Valentines day packages for you to make your Valentines all the more grand! I got a chance to try out the great food there, which I am about to share later, and believe me, your girlfriend would surely love it.

Well, we had a simple four-course meal to satisfy both our tastebuds and tummy last Tuesday. The food was definitely above satisfactory and it is really kind to your wallets too! What we had for that day, started off with a simple appetizer.

Appetizer, Grilled Unagi Onigiri with Scallop and Fish paste coated with Alamon Flake served with Yuzu Orange Wasabe Mayo.
This is a simple chinese dish served by The Inn of Four Seasons. The grilled unagi onigiri is alil' like an unagi sushi with a slice of lotus roots at the bottom. A delicious start off coated with my favourite sauce, mayo.

Soup, Double Boiled Chinese style Chicken Broth served with Kumomoto Oyster and Lychee Jam.
I love the chicken broth, tastes like something your mother would cook at home but the interesting combination of lychee jam with oyster, not exactly my favourite.

Main Course, was a choice between the

Vietnamese style Rack of Lamb and Fillet of Salmon seared until perfection served with Chef Speciality Salsa.
I wanted to order this but beef came instead. So unfortunately, I did not get to try this out. Anyways, picture is as below. yummy kan?


Beef Medaglione al Forno topped with Mushroom Ragout reduction of Berries Balsamice and Raisin Bordelaise sauce.
The tender beefy meat served with the sweet taste of berries is definitely something I would order again.

and to add a sweet touch to a perfect dinner, the dessert.

Chocolate Cheese Mousse and Strawberry dipped served with Caramelized Granny Smith Apple.
First thing I noticed about this cake is that it is Heart shaped! I love the cheesey mouse in the middle of the soft textured cake.

and heres the master behind these exquisite food.

Palm Terrace Coffee House is actually having a Semi-Buffet dinner, Cibo Restaurante Italiano, a 5 course set dinner for Italian cuisine lovers, The Inn of Four Seasons with a 6 course chinese fusion set menu or a little Valentine Eve celebration at Little Cuba where you can lavish your girlfriend in romance on both the 13&14 of February, from only RM98++ to RM180++ per person. Pamper your girlfriend and dine in candlelight with romance and endless love. Or you can have a pre Valentines Nite at La Vida lounge where you can have a door gift and a stalk of rose for each enterance at only RM35 per person.

To make things much more interesting for the couples, you can add on RM200 per couple to join the Valentines day's Love Poison where you can upgrade to Prima lounge with a free evening cocktail, breakfast and first drink at La Vida Lounge and stand a chance to win a diamond ring for your girlfriend too! So have a great Valentines to couples out there and as for singles like me, have a great time out with your single friends!

*ps. pictures taken from www.feeqsays.com



thenomadGourmand said...

So whatcha doin fr Valentine??

melaniehwa said...

lol. probably some sappy single party. =P u?

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