Saturday, February 5, 2011

a Sinful Sunday at Tom, Dick and Harry's.

I've always love Sundays. And there was absolutely no reason for me not to love last Sunday. I got a phone call from Rebecca on Saturday telling me that Tom, Dick and Harry's down at TTDI is having a breakfast review the next day. So I figured, free food, why not? But, free food was definitely not the only reason, I know TDH's food is to die for. I've had my birthday celebration there last year and the food was exquisite! I was actually surprised that they have a breakfast menu, seeing how they label themselves as a pub/ restaurant.

Food here are incredibly reasonable, seeing the big portion that they serve. Everything in this blog is roughly RM16-RM25 only except for the famous Pork Knuckle though. And breakfast is served till 2pm! Ideal for people like me. So anyways, be prepared to tahan saliva kayysss? You have been warned! The following pictures below are superbly dangerously deliciously attractive.

First up, The Big Breakfast.


Second, was the Spinach Wrap. 
A vegetarian dish for you vegans out there!
Even if you aren't one, believe me, it tastes really good too!


Nombor Tiga, .................
errrr... I can't remember the name. but its something like a pudding with raisins. 
Yum yumss nonetheless!


Contestant No. Four, Banana Pancakes!
My favourite kind of breakfast! 
I love the taste of sweet maple syrup with soft fluffy pancakes coupled with my all time favourite, bananas!


Five, Savory Pancakes.
This spells ohhh-maaiii-gaawwwdddddd awesomely deeeeeeeliciiousss! 
When you have the savory taste of bacon covered with melted cheese and the staple sunny side up, teamed up with soft pancakes, you know you're in Heaven.


Six, Steak and Eggs Breakie.
When you have steak for breakfast, you know TDH is serious about their breakfast menu!
The taste of the steak, ouhhhh~ Juicy and tender, perfectly done, served with sunny side up, golden hash browns, saute mushrooms and fresh grilled tomatoes, with beefy brown gravy on the side.


Ketujuh, Corned Beef Frittatas.
Omellette with melted cheese and beef. Awesome combination for egg lovers out there!


8ight, the Egg Benedicks.
Another great choice for egg lovers out there. The overflowing egg yolk with buttery hollandaise sauce on toasted bread with saute mushrooms fresh and grilled tomatoes, is a must try!


Oh, and they have a little something for the kids too! 
Cornflakes and milk served with bananas and strawberries.


and the people at TDH were so nice, they made Sunday, all the more sinful when they brought this baby out!

Please welcome the oh-so-famous/delicious/juicy/ohhhhhhh Pork Knuckles.
How can you say no to this? 
Tender pork with my favourite, mash potato and veggies all covered in gravy!


Did I tell you that the people at TDH is superbly niceee (or probably up to no good and secretly wishes to make us grow fat enough to be served on their tables) when they continued to serve us food we cannot say no to! 

Say hello to Fried Snickers & Mars bars.
Sinfully delicious. Crispy on the outside, but once you bite it, the melted chocolate, warm and overflowing your tastebuds, with bits and pieces of peanuts. What more can you ask for?


Fried Chicken Skin.
This is actually my first time trying it out. I've heard from my friends that its really good and they did not disappoint me!


The cheeky Pork Fries!
hahaha. Its actually pork luncheon meat shaped into looking like fries. Such imposter! I know!


And again, peeps, I tell you, the peeps at TDH is so nice, we had Hoegaarden and Savannah Cider or whatever we want for breakfast! nahh. I din't have any though. I was recovering from being sick. Bummer. They even brought the Graveyard out for a Judgement call which Aly formerly from Red FM helped me with.


I had myself a great relaxing Sunday morning all thanks to TDH. Definitely best breakfast ever. Not only was the food good, company was all the more better. A place to bring your family and friends to simply chill, bond and relax.

Here's a picture of the happy eaters. 

*ps. Pictures taken off Josh's blog.



Wa.Lau.Wei said...

Too lazy to take your pictures? LOL!

melaniehwa said...

hahaa. yess wa.lau.wei my camera too cha dy! might as well give u guys the honor of taking great pictures! =)


Anonymous said...

very sinful and I was there yesterday but didn't get to try out everything

thenomadGourmand said...

Damn woman!
I'm hungreeeeee!!

melaniehwa said...

justyoga: you should have! especially the Savoury pancakes! omgeee. a must try! =D

the nomad Gourmand: hahhaha! you've missed it man!!!

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