Monday, January 10, 2011

Advertlets Outing: Galactic Laser Tag!

Laser Tag anyone?? haha. Well, many of you 90's babies like me wouldn't know what is laser tag, true or not? I know I didn't until I watched How I Met Your Mother ,it was Barney's favourite game. Yeah, well it is a huge thing in the States and I believe, it just might be the next big thing for Malaysia with Galactic Laser at Mid Valley taking it seriously.

Okay, just to briefly tell you what laser tag is; it is like paint ball, just without the paint and the pain. haha. I'm not kidding you. It doesn't hurt one bit and you still get to shoot and kill people! *peeww pewww* 

Look how cool is this! Oh and this is Leonard

So yeah, Josh made me host the event and heres me trying my best to get the crowd's attention. haha. Wasn't exactly successful, but sorry la, my very first outing with the Advertlets bloggers ma.

Anyways, I met tons of people there, and I'm sorry to say, I'm bad with names, so to people who I've forgotten your names, do not hate me if I ask you again the next time. But, I have to say, you people are really cool! You guys made me feel right at home even if its my first time there. So yeah, thank you peeps!

Basically there are 5 types of games; free-for-all; where you'll get to kill anyone and everyone, team; where you and your friends will be divided into 2 teams and you will have to defeat the other team, find the flags; collect the most flags and win, Mission 1&2; I'm not really sure what the missions are, but this one, is really cool. Seriously, definitely for Starcraft lovers out there. There will be 5 different characters for you to choose from, for example, the commander, the medic and some other which I've forgotten. So, like if you are the medic, when you shoot your team mate's vest, their HP will increase. Super cool right?

The day ended with happy satisfied smiles and people drenched in sweat! haha. Proved how much fun we all had din't we? But yeah, great place for throwing parties, teambuilding activities and corporate functions. So go on over to MV and get your laser guns ready! Price ranges from RM18-40 for members and RM20-55 for non-members. Definitely cheaper than paintball I would say. 

*was too lazy to take pictures with my cheapo camera, decided to steal 'em from better photographers. So pictures thanks to smashpop.net, YeeJinLim.blogspot.com, and FeeqSays.com.



FeeQ said...

Dont worry, u done a good job. Not much people dare to go on the stage & conduct the event.

melaniehwa said...

ahhaha. thanks Feeq! =) wasn't scared, just wasn't good enough to hold ppl's attention. ahaha

Emoporer said...

OH WOW, you can heal with the gun too? Coool.. So it's not just mindless shooting afterall! Congrats on having the guts to be up there... I wouldn't even dare to talk face-to-face with new people. XP

What do members have to pay to become uh.. members? Haha..

melaniehwa said...

hahaa. yesh emoporer. it is that cool! go grab a bunch of your friends and play larr!! you will definitely have a great time! =)

erm, you only need to pay rm18 to be members. =) you can actually check out their website for more info.


Justin Lim Yee Jin said...

Hey Melanie! Nice meeting you that day!
and yea, don't worry you did a pretty good job handling us bunch of rascals.

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