Monday, January 3, 2011

of New Beginnings.

Happy New Years peeps! Another new year, another new blog! I will have to say, that this blog will be a tad bit different from the last one. Be prepared to see more of me in this blog and please please please do make sure you do follow me! Why a new blog? Well, why not? It is after all, a new year, new beginnings right?

So yeah, I'm turning 21 this March, so here's my 21 new year's resolutions.

1. NO more desserts as a meal substitute.

yes! I got freaked out by a PSA on diabetes that I've recently heard on the radio.

2. NO more sleeping later than 1am.

My panda eyes are calling out for desperate help!

3. NO more procrastinating.
4. Lose some extra KGs. Yeahhh. Too much celebrations, too much eating! eeks!
5. Take chocolates in moderation.

This i reckon, will be really hard. Dude, tell me, how to resist these babies?

6. Get a DSLR by May this year.
7. Travel to at least 3 spots this year.
8. Earn at least a total of 10k this year.
9. Get clear and smooth baby skin.

I need a time machine! rightt.

10. Save up for a new car.

Can you see me riding that baby? lol. A girl can dream right?

11. Do something that I have never expect to do.
12. Climb the Mount Kinabalu.
13. World Peace! Write a short novel.
14. Have a movie-marathon for all 2010 films.
15. Make photography a part of my daily life.
16. Meet a famous person.
Chuck Bass anyone? heee.

17. Boost my CGPA
18. Jump on every opportunity life have to offer.
19. Spend my whole family for dinner without having to look at the price.
20. Bungee jump!
21. Have a great year!

So tell me, whats your new year's resolution peeps?


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Sam said...

Happy New Year!!

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