Saturday, January 15, 2011

Travelogue 0.1: I wanna flyy!

I miss travelling. I miss that giddy feeling you'll have the minute you step foot on to the foreign land. I miss learning how to speak the local dialects and languages. I miss being able to see how different people live their life from a day to day basis. I miss the sense of freedom and liberation that I get from travelling. I miss feeling as though I can be anyone I like when I am away.

I have been travelling locally for just about my whole life. My family isn't rich but nonetheless, my parents try to provide the best for both my brothers and I. And it has been somewhat a tradition for us to at least go for a holiday once per year. Besides that, being with a bunch of great random friends, I've pretty much had road trips all over Peninsular Malaysia! So yeah, Kelantan, to Johor, I've pretty much covered all of 'em.



Bukit Tinggi, Pahang

Cameron Highlands, Pahang




My last trip was actually my very first self-paid trip to Bali. Bali has one of the most amazing sunsets ever. Beautiful sceneries, friendly people. Well atleast not the hagglers on the streets, they scare the shyt out of me. But looking at how the locals make a living totally out of haggling by the streets, trying their best to sell whatever they have to tourists, makes me appreciate life here back in Malaysia much more. It is sad knowing that Bali, being a tourism country, it has been so hard for them to try to make ends meet when the terrorist issues in the recent years had affected the economy. Though through those hardships, the love and happiness shared by friends and family still run strong regardless.

So yeah, I'm looking to go to more places this year if time and money permits. Thailand, prolly. I've been to Thailand when I was darn young. I think I was around four or five when I was there. When I had the typical cina-children mushroom haircut. hahah. wtf i know! But yeah, I was too young when I was there and I don't recall much of that trip but for the fun long train ride that I had with my cousins and the blue Minnie Mouse bag that my mum bought me which I used to love so much. I am hoping to backpack around a few places in Thailand soon. haha. I know, I know. Ambitious huh? haha. Well, I am working my ass off as of this moment towards that dream! I hear from most of my friends who've been there that Thailand is the place to visit. The Land of a Thousand Smiles, they call it. People there are known for being really friendly and welcoming. A place with great sceneries and great people, is a definite must go.

 Wat Arun, Bangkok, Thailand Desktop Wallpapers




Koh Samui

Chiang Mai

Ko Phi Phi

So yeah, I am more of the bagpacking type of girl rather than the ones who stay in a luxurious hotel room sun tanning. I am one who wouldn't mind walking for hours and hours just to experience and submerge myself in the local culture and lifestyle. I would mind getting lost and finding my way in a total new and foreign city. So, takers anyone? I need a backpacking mate!



Sam said...

wow nice places you have been... wish I could have the time too

melaniehwa said...

sam: lol. i've been around Msia only le.. the next main place i wanna go is Thailand.

JLean said...

Dropping by ere MElanie.. Wow, nice places there. =)

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