Friday, January 7, 2011

of the rich and the poor.

If you haven't already notice this known fact, the rich are getting richer and the poor, are getting poorer by the day. Really! Ok, I'm not exactly poor, I do have shelter and food on the table but I am far from rich. I am one who works for what I spend ever since a young age and sometimes when I see rich brats complaining about anything and everything makes me want to leave a little souvenir on their face with my palm. No no, don't get me wrong, I'm not jealous nor am I bitter, it's just, dude, be appreciative of what you have.

Look, many say that it doesn't really matter if you are born rich or poor. At the end of the day, it all boils down to your own capability and personality. Well, I agree and disagree. Being rich has its perks. How so? Lemme list 'em down for you, one by one.

1. Being born rich, exposes you to much more things at a younger age.
You'll be given the luxury of travelling around the world, soaking yourself in different cultures and seeing things many might never get the chance to see their whole lifetime. Now, with all these exposure to different types of people and culture, dare say you are not benefited? You'll at least gain self confidence through such wide exposure.

2. Opportunities tend to present itself more, if you are rich.
The rich tend to only and always mix with the rich. When you have great networking with people who are of status and power. Believe me, its not hard to do anything you want. Try applying for a job with great college results but you know no one in the company. Next thing you know, the job has been given to some bimbo whom you sat across earlier when you were waiting for your interview.

3. You have more chances to learn from your failures.
Having more money enable you to do much more things and worry less about failing. I mean, seriously. For the poor, every ringgit counts. This I definitely wouldn't say the same for the rich. I am not saying that they do not value money as much, it's just the fact that they have the privilege of trial and error. I'm not kidding you, try asking a rich person to throw 100 bucks off the pier and do the same for the poor. The rich would probably do it in a heartbeat just to prove that he is stupid has balls.

Well, I am not disagreeing that personality and capability is what matters at the end of the day. I am just saying, being rich definitely has its perks. Yes, I'm not born rich and I do not complain. Well, at least I've learnt the value of money through the many agonizing-long-hours-part-time jobs that I have had and believe me when I say, it actually made life more worth living. I've meet tons of awesome people and also learn earlier than others the cunning ways of working life. So yeah, if you are poor, worry not cause you'll do just fine. If you are rich, please appreciate what others wish to have. 

Okay now, I have to go! 
I'm actually working while blogging. =x 


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