Sunday, May 29, 2011

Topshop Dress Up Preview Party Launch.

Luck, funny thing, I would say. I have never believed in luck since I was young but then, there couldn't be any more other explanation to why I actually won the free tickets to witness the new Topshop Dress Up Preview Party Launch. I actually got a ticket myself, being a F3 card member (I know it made no difference) but atleast I got a RM50 voucher all thanks to TiC.

So if you were wondering, why Topshop, KLCC was closed last 3 weeks ago (yes, I know this post is super back dated), lemme walk you through why:

#1. The outlet.
Here's the third largest Topshop outlet in the whole of Malaysia (if I'm not mistaken). Why do I know? That's cause I worked in Topshop before. Right after my SPM and if you ask, it wasn't so pleasant working there. The long hours with nothing to do, I'd rather you point a gun at me and shoot. Anyways, here's a picture of the shop as it closes down to prepare for the event. I was there rather early(with all my iPhone drama) so I got to see how people ended up pretty confused when they weren't allowed to enter the shop at 7pm.

# 2. The Clothes.
Yes, every girl's heaven. Every girl wishes her wardrobe to be the shopping mall, no? I know I do. But yeah, for now, I'll just stick to "dreaming that it'll happen". Anyways, Dress Up, the new line carried by only a few outlets in Malaysia, is a whole new line of dresses and clothes suitable for parties and events. It carries a touch of glamor with every design but yet maintains its chic. I saw a few dresses that I love. Gotta save up now, don't I? Anyways, girls, if you are looking for party dresses, make sure you check Topshop out.

# 3. The Fashionistas.
Everyone who went for the launch was very much a fashionista themselves. Everyone who attended was damn chio, making a fashion statement to leave a lasting impression. Here's some pictures.

This is Shantee from TiC, who handpicked me to win. Thanks Shantee!

This is what I wore the other day:
Top: Dorothy Perkins
High-waisted Skirt: Topshop
Jacket: Berjaya Times Square
Bracelets & Glasses: Flea Market
Bag: Dorothy Perkins
Shoes: Vincci (not in picture)

# 4. The new Make-Up line.
Topshop has just launched its new make up line and they had make up artists there to help us with the products. I tried some of the products and I would say, I really like the dark electric blue eye shadow. Its really nice but I didn't get them cause the products are mostly not waterproof/ smudgeproof. My skin gets oily easily so these two attributes for my make up is a must.

#5. The Party.
Topshop even hired a female DJ for this event. It was a pretty smart move to make the whole atmosphere more energetic and upbeat to suit the new line. Even the DJ was a fashionista herself! She was very well dressed, looking like a biker. What I remembered most was her biker's gloves. Love em'. They also had these cute bubble cakes for the guests as refreshments. And the people from Topshop took a picture of me when I was eating them. So cute ohh-eemm-geee.

So yeah, I sure hope that I cleared things up for you people who were wondering about the big hoo-haahh that was happening in Topshop KLCC 3 weeks ago. It was pretty fun for me I would say, meeting other fashionistas. More to come, more to come!


Shantee said...

Darling, my name is Shantee not Serena! hahah but no worries :)

melaniehwa said...

omgee! sorrrryy! hahaaha. I am bad with namess. but i'll for sure remember your name now. SOOOO sorry!

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