Saturday, May 21, 2011

Nestle's new Drumstick launch: Meet the ALMOND THRILL!

It was yesterday when Nestle launched a new thrilling flavor to join their already famous Nestle Drumstick® family which consists of; "Vanilla's Got Nuts", "Chocolate Blast" and "Saucy Strawberry" as well as "Kit Kat®". The new flavor, deemed as the "Almond Thrill" promise to offer more crunch in each bite.

Nestle's newest Drumstick! The Almond Thrill!

This latest addition boasts a delectable new recipe – smooth and creamy pecan-flavoured ice cream in a rich, dark cone, surrounded by a thin chocolate ring and topped with a generous layer of crushed almond nuts. Savour the flavours of NESTLE DRUMSTICK ® ALMOND THRILL with small nibbles or chomp your way through the delicious crunchy outer layer. Either way, you’ll find that the ice cream gives a different sensation with every new bite, be it the delicate flavour from the hidden chocolate swirl in the centre or the satisfying chocolate nugget in the first bite.

I'm more of a berry flavored ice cream person so it was alil' too sweet for my liking but it was nonetheless, good for people who are NUTS for nuts! But I'll still recommend it to people regardless, with the terrible scorching weather nowadays as the retail price for this new sensation is only RM2.80.

Anyways, it was a fun day out yesterday at Sunway Giza, almost the whole Advertlets team was there. It was definitely a good break after the tons of work that we have back in the office. Also, getting to meet up with the Advertlets bloggers! Oh, did I tell you that so many of us bloggers won prizes during their game sessions? One of them even got an iPad! No, no. I din't win anything though. ah shucks, I know righht? But it was all fun. Even Rebecca suited up for some action!

With the Advertlets Bloggers.

Well if you missed out the fun during the launch yesterday, worry not. Nestle also launched the NESTLE DRUMSTICK® ALMOND THRILL What’s Yours? Contest. It offers ice cream lovers the chance to win prizes totaling up to RM57,000. Interested participants will have to convey how you would like to live your adventure with NESTLE DRUMSTICK®.

You first need to ‘Like’ the NESTLE DRUMSTICK® Facebook fan page and then register as a member of the NESTLE DRUMSTICK® ALMOND THRILL What’s Yours? Facebook ApplicationYou must then upload a video – not more than two miniutes long – based on the theme onto the Facebook app, or claim a video shot at any NESTLE DRUMSTICK® ALMOND THRILL What’s yours? On-ground event listed on www.drumstick.com.my. So what are you waiting for? Start winning now!


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Ohhhh! Love love love the new template babe!
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melaniehwa said...

thank youu! =) hahah.

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