Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Miss World Malaysia 2011 Finalists.

*Behold boys, be prepared for 25 bombshells! You have been warned.
Beauties with Brains, that's what they call them. The Miss World Malaysia title, is very different from other beauty pageants because not only that the girls will have to be a beauty themselves, they have to be all together beautiful from the inside out too. The Miss World Malaysia will have to have a big heart for charity, intelligent and must be an all-rounder. And after an agonizing six-months search, here's the 25 finalists for your eyes only!
  1. Flora Oh Swee Lian
  2. Eliza Tang Siong Heng
  3. Gail Tan Mun Yee
  4. Desiree Tan Xiao Ci
  5. Lavania J. Balasingam
  6. Kavita Kaur Chopra
  7. Yong Wan Jun
  8. Carron Kho Siew Ching
  9. Karen Koey Huey Ling
  10. Laura Loh SIao Min
  11. May Salitah Naru Kiob
  12. Penny Lim Pei Huan
  13. Celine Chan Wai San
  14. Kohinoor Kaittiani
  15. Cherish Lim Mei Yen
  16. Jessica Fang Yun Ying
  17. Chua Yee See
  18. Lee Yvonne
  19. Lilian Lee Zeyein
  20. Gaayathri Raj
  21. Pamela Tam Mei Yun
  22. Chloe Chen TIen Nee
  23. Evelyn Huan Poh Chin
  24. Priyalakshimi Rayer
  25. Janet Bennet
The girls and the organizers.

Nadia Heng, Miss World Malaysia 2010.

Some of the girls, Kavita, Mun Yee, Carron.

The girls will under go a one month training starting 21 July 2011 till the finale show where the Miss World Malaysia 2011 will be crowned on the 20 August 2011 at Sunway Pyramid Convention Center. They will be groomed professionally by the 1973 Miss World Malaysia, Maggie Loo, Miss Winnie Loo from ACut Above and many others to prepare them to represent Malaysia for the international Miss World pageant this year. 

So people, be honest now, who's your favorite?


thanga said...

my choice is Priya Rayer, the all rounder beauty...good luck girl...

thanga said...

My choice, Priya Rayer, the all rounder beauty...good luck gal...

melaniehwa said...

@ thanga
Great pick!

Kian Fai said...

complicated :) and not my choice hahaha, thx for sharing hehe

melaniehwa said...

@ Kian Fai:

haha. y so complicated? hehehee.

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