Monday, July 25, 2011

Hollywood WAXXXing babeehhh!

I'm not sure if you guys are big fans of happy endings, but I know I am a huge fan of one. So yes, how does happy endings got anything to do with Hollywood waxing? Well, take a look at this picture below:

I'm sure you know this guy from 2008, when he planned a RM54, 000 proposal for his wife(then girlfriend, Kelly Tan) one of the hotspots for billboards along the LDP highway at Kelana Jaya. Well if you don't know, then you can read it all from here. And here's some of their wedding pictures beautifully shot by Adam Ong's wedding photography.

Again, why am I telling you this? That's because most fairy tale stories don't tell you what happens after "and they lived happily ever after", here's what happens.... They got into WAXXXing business!

Yes, if you didn't know, the romantic duos got together and started their own chain of businesses and WAXXX is one of their business. Some other bloggers and I got invited by Mandy to try first hand the professional services that they have got to offer. And yes, there goes my virgin Hollywood waxing. Even the guys were manly enough to give Manllywood a try!

 Happy patrons.

Yes, WAXXX offers a every type of hair removal on your body parts you can think of! From the most common areas, to even your pubic areas. And worry not, you are in safe hands. WAXXX only offers professional services and their waxers are all trained professionals. So if you worry about waxing damaging your skin or even hurting a hell lot, believe me, I've tried it, and have survived with a satisfied smile when I left the shop. 

What I love most about WAXXX not only for their courteous and professional services but also for their imported professional wax which smells so good and gentle to the skin and their comfortable ambience which actually helps in getting the jitters off you while you wait for your turn. Most importantly, hygiene is always on the top of their priorities and they ensure that everything used by every customer is disposed after every usage. Oh, and not only do they remove hair from every part of your body, they also offer a range of treatments for your after wax as well as to reduce hair growth.

Also, here's what some other blogger's said about WAXXX:

 You are guaranteed to be in safe hands with every visit to WAXXX. Hygiene is number one on their list of things to take care of when it comes to their customers, followed very closely by customer satisfaction. Their utilities and tools are sterilized with hospital-grade disinfectants, and  the spatulas used during every session are never double-dipped. Each and every wooden spoon was promptly disposed off after every wax application to ensure optimum cleanliness. -Karmun-

 WAXXX specializes in top-notch hair removal services for both male and female, head to toe. Their wide range of services cover temporary hair removal, to permanent hair reduction, using only the best quality wax, lotions and creams imported from mainly Australia and the USA. Waxes used are also all specially formulated to give the least pain in every waxing experience. They carry a wide variety of formulas for customers to choose from, whether you’re looking to lighten sensitive areas from discolouration, prevent future ingrown hair after waxing, or just to moisturize dry parts of your delicate lady bits! -Karmun-


I always believe that keeping ourselves clean is whats most important. Well, people say that the outlook and appearance doesn't matter, I say bullsh*t. I mean, really. You will have to at least look presentable if not you would scare everyone away, no? Also, cleanliness is not only for appearance, its also for our health and hygiene. Believe me, after getting a Hollywood, I felt much cleaner overall and most importantly, during my menses.

And best of all, WAXXX is now giving out a 40% discount for first timers on all types of waxing as their opening promo from their already very affordable prices. So what are you waiting for? LIKE then on their Facebook page to get updates on the latest promotions that they have as well! And so, with my little sister down there happy, I am certified a satisfied customer. I know I would definitely make WAXXX my chosen waxing parlour to maintain my mane every month.

WAXxx Hair Removal Experts,
J-G-17 Jalan PJU 1/43,Aman Suria,
47301 Petaling Jaya,Selangor Darul Ehsan
T: +603 7880 5588F: +603 7880 1808


Kian Fai said...

wow got alot of type of wax, some of my female friend may love this :P

melaniehwa said...

@ kianfai
yes! ahha. guys would love for their female friends to go for it too! hehee. Give it a try kian fai, its good for guys too!

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