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Travelogue 0.4: Insights on Bali, Indonesia. 1.2

Here's my second post to insights on Bali, the MUST-GO places and also the first post here!

MUST-GO places:
1. Kuta Beach
Kuta Beach was where I witness millions of lives from all over the world, playing, enjoying, relaxing by themselves without any worries in the world. The beach there isn't exactly a beautiful sight, but if you wish to have a pedicure/manicure session overlooking the sunset, this is the place to be. Just remember to bargain for the best value. Kuta beach is also one of the few surfing spots in Bali, so girls, if you are hoping to hook up with some surfer dudes, remember to go to Kuta beach! Also, Kuta is where the city center of Bali lies. Here is where you get to shop and eat your MickeyDs if you miss them. Oh, and McDs in Indonesia have spaghetti as one of their value meals! So now, Italian is fast food too? And also, they have a lot of fake brands sold in "legitimate-looking" shops, so beware. Oh and also, Kuta would be the most ideal place for you to stay cause they have most of every thing you need there.

2. Dreamland Beach
Personally, the most beautiful beach in Bali. Dreamland beach is the site of the failed Pecatu Graha development planned by Tommy Suharto, the corrupt son of former president, Suharto. Dreamland beach is also dubbed as the new Kuta beach, mainly cause its cleaner and yet is one of the best surfing spots in Bali. They too have many stalls selling good bargains for dresses and hats, and again, remember to bargain. One of the most beautiful sunset spots in Bali.

3. Uluwatu Temple
Uluwatu Temple is the first temple that I've visited during the course of period that I was there. You will have to pay a small entrance fee when you enter the temple and you will be required to wrap a cloth around yourself as a respect to their gods. Oh, and remember to take care of your belongings. Keep your necklaces, earrings, bracelets etc before you enter. Uluwatu is also known for their mischievous monkeys that goes around stealing from the tourists. As for Uluwatu, if you are there, make sure to pay a little bit more to experience the "Kecak dance". It is a tribal dance that the locals have every night to tell the tourists the mythical story that has been passed down for generations. Experiencing the local culture with the tribal-like setting, against the sunset, it's an experience you'll love if you like watching Pirates of the Caribbean, Survivor or perhaps, Indiana Jones. Oh, we found out from the locals that Uluwatu is apparently the best place for surfing. So do ask around if you are a surfer yourself and wish to take on the waves of Bali.

4. Nusa Dua
Nusa Dua is the place to go if you wish to go for water sports. If you have been wanting to give water skiing, parasailing, snorkelling a try, be sure to head on over to Nusa Dua. The prices there are relatively cheap compared to the ones in Malaysia. If you wish to get your diving licence for a while now, Bali is the perfect place to do so. I regretted to staying long enough to get myself a diving licence cause its dirty cheap over there. However, I wouldn't recommend you to go for snorkeling in Bali. I find it a complete waste of time and money cause the places that they've brought us to was dirty and only filled with dead corals, not even a single fish was seen.

5. Tanah Lot Temple
Tanah Lot temple is a Hindu-Buddhist temple. It is one of the main tourists spots in Bali with its countless rows of stalls and street hagglers trying their best to sell whatever they have in hand to anyone that they can find. Of cause, you can find many things here, from beautiful dresses even up to handcrafted items such as handwoven bags or wooden handcrafted home deco. But what reminded me most of Tanah Lot was, yes, once again, the sunset. Though I've said that I love Bali primarily for its sunsets, the sunset in Tanah Lot was the one I remembered most. Oh, and remember to try the grilled corn there. I miss the taste of it till this very day.

6. Kintamani Volcano
Kintamani Volcano is right up north from Kuta. It takes around 2 hour drive from Kuta up to the Volcano where you can rest and enjoy a buffet lunch overlooking the breath taking view of the volcano. A little background brief for you about this volcano. It is still an active volcano and it has erupted for 24 times since 1800s. Its last eruption was in the 1940s. And Mount Kintamani is actually rested upon the beautiful Batur Lake. So, what more could be better than to enjoy lunch in the midst of God's great creations? Oh, and remember to give the Kopi Luwak a try when your on the way to the Volcano.

7. Legian
It wouldn't be a complete experience if you are in Bali without experiencing its night life. Bali's night life has been raved about by people from all over the world. I'd say, it was definitely a fun experience to have. If you are there, be sure to head on over to their tourists club. You will have to show them your passport to grant entry and it sure is fun partying there. Legian is one of the places in Bali that you can go to for pubs and bars other than Kuta and Seminyak.

8. Jimbaran Beach
If you wish to enjoy a romantic fresh seafood dinner against the beautiful sunset view, make sure you head on over to Jimbaran. There will be a long stretch of seafood restaurants overlooking the calm blue seas and it is the perfect setting for you to charm your girlfriend over as the sunsets for the day. You can even hire the local singers who goes around, hoping to serenade their customers as an extra mile taken to charm your girl all the more. And be mindful that all these, including the scrumptious meal fit for a king, is relatively cheap compared to the prices here in Malaysia. What can be better than good view, good food and good company?

9. Tegalalang Paddy Terrace
The Tegalalang paddy terrace field is also one of the places I'd suggest you pay a visit to. The period when I was over there, the paddy hasn't yet ripe and they were all bright, strong green in colour. Overlooking the view from the top, witnessing the tiny humans, harvesting the paddy rice from the ripe paddys, made me realise how small we humans actually are in the midst of God's green creation, the Earth and how lucky we are to have food and meat as our dinner everyday and yet we act as our own gods destroying what has been given to us. Anyways, make sure that you head on over to Tegalalang and I promise you your heart will skip a beat. Make sure to catch a souvenir or two from the street hagglers around. Their paintings and handcraft work there deserves admiration.

If you ask, what is the best way to get around Bali, I'd advice you to get a local tour guide. Make sure you ask him to quote exactly the price for the amount of days that you will be there and make sure that you ask him, if its possible for him to bring you all around without extra charges. The local tour there is rather cheap, but make sure you do the usual, bargain. I have yet to tour Bali fully but here's the places that I've been to on my last trip to Bali. If life permits, I hope to go back to Bali and to fully explore the beautiful place, and perhaps, try to take my heart back. haha.

Here's one if you're interested.
Name : Gusti Ngurah Jelantik
Email : 
Phone: +62-361-7882335
Mobile: +62
 85 857226955 (international)
            085 857226955 (local) 

Address: Sukawati Gianyar 80582 Bali Indonesia

*ps. All pictures are taken by me. Pictures are not to be taken without permission.


Thristhan said...

That's one super long post :). Fantastic photographs. The one with the small little crab is soo cute.

Kian Fai said...

haha I saw illegal Key Chain!!

Anyways . . . there it lots of culture performance from them is it? It seems that the time if from 7pm to 8pm? So Dark!

And thanks for sharing the nice view on internet! Awesome :)

melaniehwa said...

@ Tristhan: hahaa. yeahh. I figured I might as well post up more pictures for you guys to see. n thanks! took me a hard time to catch it and to photograph it with one other free hand. ahaha

melaniehwa said...

@ Kian Fai:

haha. is thr such thing as a legal key chain? but yea, you can customize ur name. it shud be around 6-7pm. Pretty much the same with KL, the time there. Thanks. =)

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