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Concept 10 10: The future of Exercise.

I have always been a health fitness freak but yeah, I slacked and have fallen to the dark side for the past few years when I failed to exercise on a daily basis. I too have succumbed to the evil cookies and fattening yet oh-so-good food in Malaysia. Eh, don't blame me, if you're a true Malaysian, you'd know how hard is it to resist the wide variety of good food we have here. So yeah, I have grown very much, not vertically unfortunately but horizontally since my days back in school when I was once very actively participating in runs and also was 1/7 of the netball school team.

Sports day, 5 years back. Yes, I know, I was darn dark and different.

Gym time!

Being back in KL and the weighing machine shouting out for help, I have recently successfully gotten back into my exercising regime. Well, I usually still go to my brother's gym to break a sweat or two, until I found out about Concept 10 10. What is Concept 10 10? It is the one stop solution for busy people who wants to get in shape and stay healthy but couldn't find the time to do it.

Concept 10 10 is actually an international brand with franchises all over the world like Greece, USA, Denmark, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, New Zealand and Saudi Arabia. With more than 25 years of experience with high intensity training, you can rest assured that this new concept is safe and effective for you. Well, in simple words, Concept 10 10 can be summarised in to these following points to give you a clearer picture:

#1. 20 minutes High Intensive workout.
Concept 10 10 dubbed as the future of Exercise is what people like me really need. I am always on the go, and I always couldn't find time to keep myself healthy and in shape. I came across concept 10 10 and I was really intrigued with its concept, where you only spend 20 minutes of high intensity workout, to eventually strengthen and build your muscles. And to do this, every exercise must be done in a very slow motion, 10 seconds each way, hence the name "Concept 10 10". This way, muscles work to its maximum during the entire movement and a maximum number of muscle fibres are involved, eventually building every strand of muscles you have in your body. Concept 10 10 yields a much better result without any risk of injuries, such as tearing of muscles or joints and tendons.

6 machines to target every muscles in your body.

#2. Privilege of Privacy and Personal attention.
At concept 10 10 you will also enjoy the privilege of the supervision of a personal instructor to both encourage you and guide you to maximise your exercising regime. There will be no disturbing elements throughout your whole 20 minutes of workout; no waiting, no onlookers, no other people in the room, no music, no distractions. So people who loves the privilege of privacy, Concept 10 10 is perfect for you.

You'll even have your own locker to keep your personal belongings when you work out.

#3. 20 Minutes, once a week.
With Concept 10 10, you will only need to work out 20 minutes, once a week. Many people are surprised that one training session per week should be enough to produce optimum results. The high training intensity is the reason why once a week is not only enough, but also the best option.When your body is intensely stimulated, a number of processes are triggered, and also, your body is so strongly affected that it needs a pause of about one week before a similar intensive training session should be performed. Your body needs time for recovery after training. And our body usually need a period of 5-10 days for recovery and that is why only 20 minutes a week, is all the exercise that you need for a week.

#4. Exercise with comfort.
And also, with Concept 10 10, you need not break a single drop of sweat throughout the whole 20 minutes of high intensity workout. Impressive ain't it? This is because, a research has been done that proves that our muscles work more intensively in relatively cool surroundings therefore, Concept 10 10 aim to maintain the temperature to a 20 degree celcius in the training room. Sweat is actually just something that your body produces when it cannot get rid of surplus heat, and sweat does not in itself have any training effect. So yes, you don't even need to take a bath to meet up with your friends after the intensive workout!

#5. Exercise, a Lifestyle choice.
At Concept 10 10, they aim to incorporate exercise into the lifestyles of each and every customers by the end of their session. As for now, they have two kick-start packages to get you started. The 6-months and the 12-months lifestyle programme that you can choose from.

So hurry now! They are currently having the Keep Fit Together promotion, where you purchase 4 sessions for RM488 and get 4 sessions free for a loved one. Hurry though, this promotion only last till 31st July 2011. 8 session for only RM488, I'd say that's a slick deal! Head on over to their website by clicking here and also their Facebook page to learn more.

Here's the address to their franchise in KL:
Unit A2-1-01Solaris Dutamas
Jalan Dutamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Phone: 1300 22 10 10

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