Sunday, July 17, 2011

PUMA FAAS Test Challenge!

I RAN IN A HIGH-WAISTED SKIRT LAST FRIDAY! Hahahha. What better way to say TGIF than this huh? Well if you guys who haven't tried wearing tight high-waisted skirts before, then you wouldn't know what am I talking about. Anyways, lemme rewind back to why was I crazy enough to be running in a skirt.

Mynjayz, JonYKT, Davidchinsays and AzrinAziz, Advertlets bloggers showing their cheeky sides.

Last Friday was the launching of PUMA's FAAS launch event. FAAS is Puma's new line of running shoes and who best to be their ambassador than the fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt? Yes, and they had a challenge last Friday too. The fastest runner in a 25m sprint, man and woman, stand a chance to win up to RM500 worth of PUMA products and also a chance to meet Usain Bolt in person! Yes, so now you know why I ran in my skirt?

The one.fm crew!

Siti Saleha showing off her Puma FAAS.

Chermaine Poo getting ready to run! oh and she won the fastest runner for female category.

Thats Chermaine Poo with Rina Omar from 8tv Quickie!

Everyone was having so much fun. Even big names like Chermaine Poo, Siti Saleha, and 8tv Quickie, Rina Omar was there to join in the fun! I came superbly unsuitable for the occasion, mind you, I will have to go to work after, but I couldn't resist the fun that everyone was having! I decided to take up the challenge and so I ran. And running and skirts really don't go side by side, my skirt was going up even before I reach the finishing line, so I slowed down to not have a "gutterpost" moment. hahaha. It was fun all in all. 

And the FAAS shoes, my oh my, I really loved how comfortable it felt and how light it really is. I might actually consider getting one for my gym sessions. 

The PUMA FAAS 500 Winter


*ps: Oh speaking of which, do any of you know where I can possibly get this NIKE free? I've been dying to get it for a while now but its off the shelves already. Do let me know. Thanks.

Also, I finally got myself a fan page months after being bugged by Josh, so pleaseee do me a favor and LIKE it kayys? It would make me really really happy. =)


sarah. said...

hello! coincidently i'm reading your blog and browsing thru nike shoes. so happen to be the same shoes i'm looking for too when i clicked on your link! anyways just wanna share, you can get the shoes over here: http://www.stepup.com.my/nike-free-3-9 but they don't have it in the colour you want though :/

melaniehwa said...

@ sarah.

awww. i've been wanting the black and purple one. Thanks though.

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