Tuesday, July 5, 2011

REV-CUP: Battle of the States Finale Party 2011!

Yes, Revive has done it again! Revive Isotonic was back from last year's rave and this year, they've gone bigger and better! I'm pretty sure you've heard all about it on the radio for the past few months. I know I have and I have been keeping up with the scores since then! And also those creative pictures that everyone from the whole of Malaysia has sent in, really amazed me, some even cracked me up to the point where I fell off my chair! Not kidding.

So yes, Revive has ended this great contest with a bang this year. I know cause I was there. They even brought in big names like Pop Shuvit, Reshmonu and HunnyMadu, even DJs JJ and Jin as well as Aznil was there to host the whole show! Have a look at the pictures below:

Look at the crowd!

They even had photo booths, rodeo bull rides etc for us!

The Revive girls!

Rev-Cup Hall of Fame.

Jin and JJ in action.

Met up with my fellow Modelle mate, Mandy with her friends.

Andrew and Sam was there too!

Aznil, happily giving out prizes.

HunnyMadu charming us all with her groovy moves!

Andrew Chiam won!

Winner of the Battle of the States.


Pop-Shuvit did their famous Mara Bahaya to end the show! 
Everyone was delighted, especially Andrew.

Everyone definitely had fun last Friday all thanks to Revive and with this year's twist, Revive got all the states to participate to make their state proud with their Rev Cup. Though I went in with a severe headache, I know I sure was rev-ed up by the end of the night. So here's to Revive and I know I'll be holding on to my seats to see what they have installed!

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