Tuesday, July 19, 2011

iMovieBuff: Larry Crowne.

Tom Hanks has always been an actor that I will spend time looking out for his movie. So far, my favorite work of his is still Forrest Gump(which started the whole Bubba Gump chain restaurants), Catch me if you can (with another of my favorite, Leonardo DiCaprio) and also Cast Away. Even from this 3 different genres of movies, you can see that he is pretty versatile as an actor and so far, I would say, he ain't my favorite, but he is still pretty good. 

Larry Crowne, his latest project. He is not only the actor but also the writer and director of this movie. I guess he pretty much believe in this story that he wants to tell the whole world about. And with big names like Julia Roberts as Mercedes Tainot, the both veteran in the field, pretty much just gave you the right amount of reason to watch it, isn't it? They even brought in big names from different big drama series like Heroes/ Star Trek; George Hosato Takei, Malcolm in the Middle/ Breaking Bad; Bryan Cranston, and That 70's Show; Wilmer Valderrama.

So aside from the familiar faces, what is so great about this movie? Well for me, here's what I think of Larry Crowne:

#1. Light-humored movie.
Well, its a feel good movie that I guess, everyone should go for simply just to brighten up your day. With the witty lines and light humor jokes that I believe most of everyone can related to is the main charm to what I think this whole show is about. Just sit back and be amazed with Tom Hanks' wits and see how he develop the characters with a touch of of humor. Good movie to go to if you have had a bad day.



#2. Relatability.
I always find movies like Larry Crowne some what relatable to every average joes and janes out there. Just like you and me, Crowne under went what we usually call, the lowest point of our lives. Crowne was described in the show to have lost his wife and then later lost his job just because he did not have a tertiary education. The cruel reality of the world huh? And without his job, he then lost his house, a place he calls home. But lucky for Crowne, he had great friends. Friends who pushed him into pursuing his studies and friends who made him feel right at home again. Oh and also learning how to fall in love again.



#3. Not much of a storyline.
All in all, I think, there isn't much of a story to the whole movie. Its pretty straight forward to the point that there is no direction to the whole movie. So yes, this is where Larry Crowne lose out I guess. For me, its just a movie that is made for the sake of making a movie and there is nothing more to it. There is no message that the movie makers are trying to communicate to its audience, or maybe it did, but failed terribly in trying.

So yes, I rate Larry Crowne a 4/10 just cause it was a movie that is more of a feel good, light-hearted comedy which acts as a short getaway for everyone from their hectic and stressful schedules. It was said to be a good movie with utterly more self-reinvention insights to life, but it was a let down unfortunately. Oh, but then again, I loved the quote from George Bernard Shaw in this movie and also the chio scooters!

Special thanks to Nusantara and Advertlets for the movie passes!

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