Friday, July 8, 2011

Travelogue 0.4: Insights on Bali, Indonesia. 1.3

So, here's the last post to a short insight on Bali, from my first trip there, last October on the MUST-DOs in Bali. Read the first and the second one here!

1. Try the Babi Guling and Ayam Bertutu.
Their local famous delicacy. Its a combination of 3 types of pork cooked differently. They are of different textures; crispy, braised and roasted. But they are generally spicy and that is exactly why I like it. But the one I tried apparently isn't very good and authentic. If you want to try the "real" one though, make sure you see them rolling the pig on the stick to roast it. Those are what they say, the authentic, delicious ones. The delicacies here in Indonesia is slightly different compared to Malaysian food. They are generally more spicy and if you don't take spicy food, believe me, you'll opt for fast food/ western cuisines that they have along Kuta Beach.

Ayam Bertutu.

Babi Guling.

2. Bargain!
MUST REMEMBER TO BARGAIN! Start really low and work your way up. Believe me, you won't regret. When I was there, I was afraid of bargaining with the locals, as usual, feeling shy, not nice etc. But when my friend worked her charm, fuhh... believe me, its worth it. They will go really low and that's when you realise that it their profit margin is super high if you were to agree to the first price that they name. Not a very smart move for you, believe me.


3. You can get your essentials there.
I'm not pulling your leg when I'm saying this; you can go to Bali without packing anything. Believe me. Clothes there are dirt cheap; dresses are around RM10, towels RM4-6, essentials like shampoo, cotton bud, are averagely cheaper than those in Malaysia. Oh, and remember, they use the two-pin plug socket. So remember to bring your universal adapter there, but if you don't yes, you can get it from their 24 hours drug stores too.

4. Get your Hard Rock Tee.
I don't know about you, but I have made it a lifelong goal of mine, to collect all the Hard Rock t-shirts from all around the world. So yes, if you too have the same goal as I do, remember to get the one from Bali. Its along the Kuta Beach. The prices around the world is similar. RM 80++

5. Try Fukutaro's sushi.
If you are an avid fan of sushis like I am, you have to try the sushi in Bali. I was over at Fukutaro Legian, and their sushis are by far, the best sushi that I have ever tasted. Their two-storey Japanese house-like design makes you feel as though you are in Japan. They have a wide variety of Japanese cuisines but as usual, me and my friend, we went for their sushi platter. The fishes that they used were very fresh, thick and succulent, it leaves you wanting more. We also ordered the potato salad and it isn't like the one we have here in Malaysia, the coleslaw-looking type, but its a whole potato, baked and only seasoned with a small amount of salt. I loved it. And best of all, the prices here even slightly cheaper than the normal chain sushi restaurants in Malaysia. So head on over to Fukutaro if you are ever in Bali. They have a few outlets in the whole of Bali. Check them out here.

Fukutaro Legian Paradiso
Chair 58 persons, Zashiki (Tatami room) 40 persons
Open 9:00-24:00
Jl.Legian118Legian Paradiso Hotel

My take on Fukutaro Legian Paradiso:
Ambience: 7/10
Food: 9/10
Price: 8/10

6. Stroll along the beaches or the streets of Bali yourself.
If you really want to experience Bali for yourself, remember to opt to walk more often than to take taxis or motor rides that the locals offer. Believe me, it would be an experience to remember for life but do be careful. Street hagglers will approach you trying to sell whatever they have in their hands, and this includes magic mushrooms. You will also get to feel first hand, how exactly the locals live their lives, how they behave and how they talk.

7. MUST try their local Bintang Beer.
I have made it a point for myself to try all the beers from the places that I've been to. I'm not a huge beer fan, whiskey and coke works best for me, but well, beer comes in second after liquor. Anyways, yes, trying the different types of locally brewed beers from all over the world is my goal after collecting the Hard Rock Tees.  And you must try their local Bintang beer. It is really cheap actually compared to other international beers like Budweiser and whatever-nots. If I'm not mistaken it is only about RM5 per bottle of Bintang beer if you get it from their local 7/11. Price is good, but what about the taste? It is rather smooth compared to some beers we have here Carlsberg and Tiger. But of cause, its still a tad bit far from top beers like Hoargarden. But hey, its still pretty good for such a price.

8. Spa.
It wouldn't be a complete holiday without a full Spa treatment session. I'm one who wouldn't mind paying for a self pampering session any time of the day and being in Bali, all the more reason for me to go for one. It is comparatively cheaper than the ones we have here in KL and for that 2 hour getaway session, rest assured that you will feel rejuvenated and refreshed. The prices ranges from RM 50-60 only for 2 full hours of massage. How good is that?


The one above which I took picture of is pretty much so-so, but there are much better ones that my family who've been there had recommended. So you can give the one below a try:

Jaens Spa Bali Ubud 

Phone : +62361 971312, +6281236866590.
Email : jaensspaubud@gmail.com
Website : www.jaensspa.blogspot.com

*ps. All pictures are taken by me. Pictures are not to be taken without permission.


Kian Fai said...

Sushi plate detected lol . . . :)

wassup with babi guling? Rolling Pigs? :P

melaniehwa said...

@ kian fai:

ahahaha. the sushi is the best sushis i've ever eaten b4! ahha. very fresh n thick! hmm, well, thats its name! ahhaa. really good as well. famous dish thr.

David Jr said...

Love the pics. Babi Guling was awesome! You didn't try Ibu Oka in Ubud? Also, looks like you had a great time there. I must start posting my articles on Bali too.

melaniehwa said...

@ David Jr

Hey! yeahh. i loved Bali. haha. Ibu Oka? whats that ya? I din get a chance to fully explore Bali yet. Will go back when I have the chance. yeahh! looking forward to reading them!

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