Saturday, June 25, 2011

iMovieBuff: The Green Lantern.

The second of the many anticipated DC/ MARVEL superheroes movie this year. As a terribily diagnosed movie buff, The Green Lantern was definitely one of the highlights of this year that I have been looking forward to. And this one in particular, I remember cause I have been around the DC/MARVEL superheroes hype ever since I was a girl. My eldest brother, is a crazy crazy comic fan, so yeah. But however, as usual, Hollywood has changed the story, but if you guys didn't know, the Green Lantern isn't all about Hal Jordan. Its basically divided into 4 different ages of the Green Lanterns. Very much more interesting compared to the show I think. But here's the movie review for the latest hype, The Green Lantern.

The Green Lantern is basically like what most every other superheroes stories are;

#1. Slumped, low-life guy who has hit rock bottom, nothing else to lose and nothing else to gain.
#2. Comes the girl, which everyone can clearly see that she's in love with him, but he's just too afraid to acknowledge that.
#3. Comes the point of no return. The turning point of his life, which all the comic writers are planning on to make us feel "Dang, why don't that happen to me?"
#4. Hero saves the day, gets the girl, loved by all.

Yep, I guess I just pretty much just sum the whole point of comic superheroes stories in just four points. But I guess, what sells the Green Lantern is basically the points that I came up with below:

#1. It talks about how human will triumphs over fear. Call me a love sap, but yeah. I always believe that good triumphs over evil.

#2.  It also highlighted the fact that humans are far more powerful than what we actually think we are, regardless of either motivated by fear or will.

#3. It showed the possibility of different live creatures from different worlds and planets. This really intrigued me. Honestly speaking, I'm not a big fan of star wars nor star trek, but the possibility and the idea of the existence of a whole new world other than Earth, is one of the things in the world that I couldn't keep my interest off.

#4. It has Ryan Reynold's packs in it and Blake Lively's hot hot bod. I don't deny that I'm jealous!

# 5. I love how they show human are vulnerable despite how good looking and successful he is in public eyes.  Very similar to how real life is huh? Insecurities, pressure from the society, deepest darkest secrets, untold.

Yea, I guess, those are the plus points for the Green Lantern but for me, I don't think it was that good of a movie. This is mainly because of two reasons:

#1. Tooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long winded, pretty slow paced, very draggy. It took them too long in character development which caused them to lose the flow of the movie. They talked about how Hal Jordan had issues with his dad dying in an flight accident and how he tried his whole life to be like his one hero, his dad and also how hes too afraid of admitting his love for the girl of his dreams, Carol Ferris, equally hot daughter of a mogul which owns the aircraft company that Hal is working at. And to make it worse, they....

#2. ....ended the show with a 5 minute scene. Anti-Climax. It was basically a one man show when Hal Jordan destroyed the antagonist, which had been portrayed as a menacing evil power that everyone fears of, even the elders in the show. I mean, yeah, they want to show how powerful human will can be, but its rather anti-climax and nonsensical. How can so many green lanterns get killed but simply this new green lantern, kill this powerful force just all by himself?

So yes, Green Lantern, I rate 4/10. I gave an extra point cause I love their green lantern oath and their costume.

Oh, and special thanks to StyleKandi and Advertlets for the 3D movie passes.

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