Saturday, June 18, 2011

melaniehwa's randomness: #5. Money, spoken of a Zombie.

Though only twenty-one, I have so many things that I would like to achieve; for one that is definitely to be rich. Its pretty redundant to say, I guess, who wouldn't want to be rich? I've been working since I was pretty young and  I have learnt the value of money the hard way. But still, I've always wondered, what will happen when I am actually rich? I'm just saying, what if. I'm never really a materialistic person, no, I'm not saying money isn't important to me, fuck yeah, it is. And like I've said in a post I've written before this, money is important, but it ain't everything. And if you'd know me, I get pretty much contented whenever I get enough money to simply fulfill whatever I want, that is for now, the most costly of all, my wanderlust. 

Going back to the point, I've always wondered, what if one day, I am rich? Will everything still mean as much as it is to me now? I have supported everything that I have and I want so far from my hard earned money and with that, everything that I reap has a bigger meaning attached to it. But when money isn't a problem to me anymore(hopefully) in the future, will my passion for travelling still be as deep and meaningful? or will it simply feel like being in another city in Malaysia? Will I still be passionately writing about what I feel and learn from my adventures and dreams of becoming a globetrotter? Will I still feel terribly touched by the life stories that I have the privilege to cross paths with or will I be nonchalant about it? Will it still be as exciting for me to venture into the unknown and absorbing as much as I can from the foreign land? I wouldn't know, honestly.

Money, capable of pushing humans to their limits. Question is, is it really an advocate of fear or the enforcer of human will, to survive and to do better? Either way, money is capable nonetheless to act as a drive into pushing humans to beyond their limits. But then, comes the question, is pushing beyond human limits a good thing? or does it deter humans from our moral beliefs and values(which acts as our limitation)? Is it good then to be rich but yet with no moral values to uphold proudly?

But then again, will I ever feel rich enough to be rich? An honest question to all I guess, will enough ever be enough for you? Money, funny thing I would say, is just good quality paper with the faces of influential people printed on it and yet, people would go to unfathomable distances just to try to get as much of it as possible. Notice I said try, cause it will never be possible to have all of it. Again, what good would money be, if 2012 decides to strike? or maybe a zombie apocalypse? Money is then, nothing but a piece of paper that perhaps, you would use to wipe your hind after your toilet business. So again, what is money but something that the society has assigned value to?

Money, a pretty scary demon, as what most people would refer to it as. Capable of controlling the minds and lives of millions of people. I've read before, how humans today are pretty much like zombies of monetary values. I personally think, that it is rather true. How many people out there, that are actually alive, doing whatever they would like to do and yet not being binded to slavery of money? Fear of not being able to pay the bills on time or perhaps providing dinner on the table every single night? Again, it all comes back to what is money exactly? Something that is simply an abstract idea, yet as history has showed, powerful enough to cause war and deaths of many.

So how exactly do you view money, something so abstract that has ultimately no meaning but has been pinned a monetary value by the society who has taught us all to be materialistic growing up? I don't know, really, and I'm just like you, very much an enslaved zombie, here ranting about.

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