Monday, June 20, 2011

SUPER GT 2011 VVIP Style!

CARS babehhh!! Well I got a last minute email from MAS asking me to collect my free SUPER GT tickets with some other merchandises. But I got lost for about an hour or so trying to look for the office, I decided to give up. To my defense, if you guys didn't know, I got into an accident about a week back. So now, I'm stuck with the workshop's temporary manual car. It's almost 4 years now, since I was behind the wheels working those gears and clutch, mind you, but I got it in a only a day. So pardon me ok? But now, it actually feels rather weird driving auto for me, honestly. A sign that says that, I am truly ready to own my very own sports car, no?

Right.. So yeah, it was a bummer that I didn't get those tickets but my lucky star, the famous, nice Mike Yip asked me if I would like to witness the race from the paddock itself when I ranted out to him. Yes, paddock. Boy, was I excited! Who wouldn't right? Thanks Mike! So here's pictures to my once in a lifetime experience. I do apologise for the terrible pictures. My camera isn't chio enough.

 Team Credential SPECIAL Passes!

Super GT girls! Sorry when I reached they were all getting ready for the race, I couldn't get a nice picture of them. But I still know, you guys would love this shot from the back.

Racers getting all pumped up!

 From the air conditioned media room. Best seats ever.

 Thats the winners of Super GT 300.
First place: Nobuteru Taniguchi and Taku Bamba

 The crowd trying to get their best shots of the winners!

 Winners of Super GT 500
First place: Team Weider Honda Racing


Bamba and Taniguichi interviewed by Japanese reporter immediately after their victory.

The winners of Super GT 300 and 500. Sweet ride.

 Sweet sweet victory.

 Pitstop babeh!

The cars was so fast, its almost deafening from the media rooftop where I took this picture.

 Andrew Chiam was with us too!

I loved the experience, definitely something that doesn't happen to everyone everyday. So yes, once again, thanks Mike for that experience and who say good things don't happen? Oh and did you know, a Porche crashed into a Ferrari earlier yesterday during the parading of super cars. Omgee rite? I know.


Michael Yip said...

The tag you wore isn't the media tag that everyone else was wearing but the Team's Credential that allows you access to a lot of places.

That's why I had to take it back at the end of the race, would have let you keep if it's just a plain media tag. LOL

melaniehwa said...

@ michael yip:

yes boss! my bad! hahaa. u ni memang boss arh. salute!

Emoporer said...

My favourite part was the accident. Haha..

melaniehwa said...

@ emoporer lol. u saw it when it happened?

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