Monday, June 13, 2011

Makan-logue #3: Dim Sum @ Restaurant Yoke Fook Mun, Ipoh.

Cho San! What is better than our Chinese traditional breakfast to start our day right? And being only about 30 minutes away from Ipoh, the land of superb delicious dim sums, me and my friends, couldn't resist having it every other week. So far, I've tried pretty much every dim sum shops in Ipoh, the famous ones that is. But I personally prefer this one, Yoke Fook Mun. They have a wide variety of dim sums and I would say, they are pretty creative with what they have. Why do I say so? Here's why:

You can choose from the aunties or uncles that carries the dishes around. Remember to try their Bird's Nest tart and this one below:

I'm sorry but I don't know the real name of it but I am just gonna describe it, ok? Sorry-lahh. I don't read Mandarin. So anyways, this is Ham with pork. This I really like. Its slightly sweet as it is covered with ketchup and the savoury smell of the Ham with pork, is just perfect for pork lovers. They too have the common dim sums that you can get from back here in KL, but I still think theirs is way better than the ones here. The prawns that they use for their "Ha Kau" and "Siu Mai" are really fresh.


What is dim sum without egg tart, no? Well for me, personally, I think their egg tart is slightly above average only. I've tasted much better egg tarts but I guess, its just me being fussy, cause most of my friends love em'.

Well, don't forget to try their "Siu Long Pau". For me, I still think that the ones by Dragon-I is so far the best, but this one is done pretty alright. The right amount of fragrant savoury-pork juice that burst right into your mouth with every bite, is simply heavenly.

Dim Sum Sushi with fried prawn! Okayy, I came up with that name. I told you I can't read mandarin. Anyways, I did warn you that they are creative, didn't I? And this one, not only is it creative, it tastes really good. It is always a must for me to order this whenever I'm there. With a little bit of sauce and this Dim Sum Sushi, tastes like Heaven on Earth. The sauce softens the fried prawn but not too much that the fried fresh prawns still maintains its crispy texture.

This one is named, "Lau Sar Pau". I'm not sure if its famous or not, but it definitely was my first time trying it. It is actually made of egg yolks and when you take your first bite, make sure to becareful of the overflowing egg custard. Its fragrant and creamy texture is perfect for egg lovers. 

The pricing over here at Restaurant Yoke Fook Mun, Ipoh, ranges from RM 2.80-RM 6. With the right amount of portion per tray, I think it is really reasonably priced. Head on over to Yoke Fook Mun if you are looking for the best Dim Sum you'll ever have, cause I know for me, till now, nothing has come pass their standards yet. Oh, and great news for crazy Dim Sum lovers out there, you can also enjoy their delicious dim sums at night for dinner.

My take on Restaurant Yoke Fook Mun, Ipoh?
Ambience: 5/10
Food: 8/10
Price: 7/10

No 67-69, Jalan Leong Sin Nam,
30300 Ipoh, Perak,

Telephone : 605-241 6589
Business hours : 6am-10am, 6.30pm-11pm.
It is along the same row with Foh San Dim Sum and opposite of Ming Court Dim Sum.


allenkhor said...

very good :)

melaniehwa said...

remember go try it out!

JuNQiN 俊欽 said...

ipoh?? so far~~~

melaniehwa said...

@junQin yeaa! be sure to try when you are there!

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