Thursday, June 23, 2011

David Choi LIVE in KL!

The young ABK(American Born Korean) Youtube sensation from LA was here live in KL! Yes babes, you've heard me right. The orgasmic ear candy, who has over 814, 000 suscribers and over 92, 143, 522 total video views was here last weekend in our very own UCSI and as well as Rock Corner, The Curve. A songwriter/ producer at Warner/Chappell Music, he has been working really hard to achieve what he had achieved today. Even when he was at the mini concert last Saturday, he actually only slept for 3 hours for the past 3 days. Well, if you missed him, make sure you catch him the next time hes ever back here. Cause I know I definitely would.

Honestly, I wasn't a huge fan of his before I heard him sing live. I've heard of him and all, yes, but I didn't know he was such an ear candy. Ok, if you're asking, I know my other friends did, who exactly is he? He is a close friend of the famous Youtube production company in the States; the WongFu Productions and also the famous Asian RnB group, the Far East Movement. He is basically what I would conclude as the yummy product of John Mayer and Bruno Mars all blended up together, probably with a small cherry to top it off.

I feel in love with his voice the moment I step foot into his mini concert in UCSI and he sure was charismatic. A really small man, probably only five-foot-two, he's totally down to earth. He mingled with the young audience present, learning Bahasa Malaysia and sharing jokes, like how you would with a bunch of lifelong friends. So yes, voice: checked, stage presence: checked, relate ability: checked. If you know me well enough, you would know I am very particular about song writing and how I love people who write songs which is relevant to our daily lives. *ahem*worsesongwritingeverrrrrrr-rebeccablack,friday*ahem* I would say, not only did I enjoy his presence, I loved how he touched people with his life stories simply through every chord that he strums on his guitar. He even sang a funny song about how he "somewhat" know a girl on the net living all across the other side of the world, something that I think, everyone know very well of, stalking people on facebook. Don't you dare deny that. haha. So anyways, song writing: checked.

I'm a sucker for jazzy, romantic singer/songwriter, so yeah, I'm sold, period. I couldn't stop playing his songs over and over again in my mind even after I have pressed the stop button on my lappie.

David learning how to say three in BM. 
"Do you say that with a 'N', oh no, its Tiga."

So honestly, I see him achieving much much more than he has already achieved in time to come. So do watch out for his name. Here's some pictures I took of him from pretty far back(I was late, as usual) and also some videos which I've recorded. Oh, I've finally created my own youtube account. So yeah, look out for my upcoming vlogs, alritey?

David charming the audience.

Oh, and also, I've decided to be more active on my instagram lately by making a challenge for myself, that is to post up at least one interesting picture of my daily life everyday. So do follow me on my twitter @melaniehwa for my daily updates via hashtag #melaniehwainstagramchallenge or my tumblr
Toodles, love!

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