Friday, June 17, 2011

World Blogger & Social Media Summit 2011 Conference.

Being rather new in this industry, my blog is only 6 months old, I'd say, this conference definitely opened me up in many ways that I never thought possible. Yes, working for Advertlets has given taught me about the basics of how the social media today works and how important it actually is today. But the technicality of blogging and how it actually can help me make money? I'm still pretty much green.

The event started out with an keynote address by Dato' Seri Utama Dr. Rais Yatim, our current respectable Minister of Information, Communication & Culture. He got the ball rolling with his flamboyant speech about the importance of Social Media today and how with it, we are all connected.

Prominent speakers like Jason Lo, CEO of Tune Talk Malaysia, Azran Osman-Rani CEO of Air Asia X, Terrence Fernandez Senior Editor of The Sun Daily were one of the highlights of the conference. They shared with all about how blogging can reach out to businessmen who are looking to increase their customer base, how social media is the "IT" thing to connect and to establish a good relation with their customers, the legal laws in blogging, and how important ROIs are in blogging. But the highlight of all, YA Bahagia Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad coudn't make it at the last minute. A huge let down for all of us.

But nonetheless, Advertlets bloggers were up to share their experiences as a blogger and how they feel about blogging. Blogger Josh Lim, was up to share about his achievement as the Founder and CEO of Advertlets. Food blogger, Rebecca Saw talked about her passion for food and what led her ultimately into blogging. Jason Goh aka Smashpop.net, our tech/photographer blogger also talked about his success as a blogger for 8 years. Beauty queen, model, emcee, blogger, Bridgette Liberty Yu shared about how she find blogging helped her career advance further. Last but not least, the sweet, intelligent Crystal Cha aka KLChick shared how blogging helped her open up and not be shy though she was home schooled since she was young.

Here's some quick pictures of us at the World Blogger & Media Summit 2011!

Thats Mike Yip and me!

Advertlets Bloggers UP!

Blogger Jason Ong aka Mynjayz

Advertlets Bloggers who were speaking at the summit, with Advertlets staff & booth babes.

The lovely Advertlets booth babes.

Even the hashtag for the conference #bloggersummit got trended in twitter Malaysia! Amazing ain't it?


Biopolymath said...

Wish I can make it to Malaysia to attend the event. But nvm, I'm attending an Australian equivalent of the event end of July.

jfook said...

extremely hot with your new hairstyle. =D

melaniehwa said...

@ biopolymath! ehhh! how r u? i havent seen u in ages! whr r u now? ohh. thats great! hope u'll enjoy it as much as i did. =)

melaniehwa said...

@jfook: haha! Thanks!

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