Wednesday, June 1, 2011

280311: I'm finally Legal! 4.0

And so, finally its my big day!

Monday, 280311.
I did something really different this year seeing it to be my 21st birthday. I find this rather like what most people would call it, "the rite of passage". I've decided to spend my parents for the first time to a proper dinner. I have been wanting to bring them for dinner or whatever-nots for a long time now ever since I got my first pay check. Though I'm not making a fortune, I've always believed that money is not as important as family ties. Against all my wishes, my parents never allowed me to spend them. They say that I can always spend them once I'm out working for real. After days of pestering, they finally agreed to it. So yeah, I've decided to bring them to Alexis Bistro, Bangsar Telawi. My initial plan was to bring them to My Elephant, a really good Thai cuisine restaurant in Hartamas (will do a review on it later, I promise!) but unfortunately for me, My Elephant is closed on Mondays and yes, you've guessed it right, my birthday, the fateful day falls on a Monday. Anyways, here are some of the pictures taken that night:

We've decided to share a large pizza and spaghetti. Honestly, I can't really remember which one we ordered seeing this post is almost 3 months back dated now. But I can say, my parents and I, were pretty satisfied, though I know, My Elephant would still be a better choice, knowing that both of them don't really fancy western dishes. But nonetheless, Alexis Bistro & Bar, serves good food especially their desserts(well I might be bias cause I'm born with a sweet tooth, so sue me!) Scroll down to know why.

 Alexis' famous Tiramisu cake. I'm pretty sure most of you have tried and have fallen in love with it already. I know I definitely did. I've tried quite a number of cakes by Alexis now and I dare say, most of them did not disappoint. My favorite however, will be the famous Pavlova. I don't have the picture in this post but believe me when I say that their Pavlova is a taste from Heaven. The sugary crispy crunchy shell with the soft and smooth marshmallow interior spells my name delicious all over it.

The handsome father.

 The chio Mother.

My gratitude and love for the both of you is beyond words, beyond material possessions, beyond comprehension. I am who I am today because you have first carried me in your arms, cleaned me long even before I know how to use the toilet, fed me even before my tummy complains of hunger, nurtured and guided me, providing the best that you both possibly can.  You both have grown so much older than I can ever remember, it aches me to see life problems are still bothering you when you both should be enjoying life. I am now able to love, only because you have first loved me. Do not ever for one second, hesitate and feel as though you have failed or have done anything wrong in raising me, there is no other way I wished to be raised by you. I thank you for the past 21 years, for being my parents, my role model, my strength, my family.


David Jr said...

Happy Belated Birthday Melanie and was nice meeting you today. Sorry we didn't chat much too. Next time we will :)

melaniehwa said...

heyy! thanks! nice meeting you too! we definitely will. =)

Shannon Keng said...

Wow, this post about your parents is really sweet :)
Happy Belated Birthday :)

melaniehwa said...

@ Shannon Keng:

Thanks babe! =)

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