Sunday, June 26, 2011

280311: I'm finally Legal! 5.0

Its been three months, and now, with this post, I end my five-part birthday post. I really am thankful for all the people who have spent their time either in planning the best birthday party that I have ever had in the past 21 years, or simply just sincerely there to celebrate my existence in this world. I thank God every day for such great people in my life.

Sunday, 030411.
Just a few weeks before my actual birthday, two of my great friends, JoYi and Khairie, actually got together and started scheming for my 21st surprise birthday party. And with JoYi in the committee, its hard for me not to find out bits and parcels of information about the party. Yes, she can never keep a secret as much as she want to, but I still love her nonetheless. So yes, I've heard that it has been a hard ride for the both of them, trying to plan the perfect party for me without me digging anything out. And with that, I give the both of you, a standing ovation. Cause they did great a job in surprising me and I definitely was in the state where I was lost for words, in a good way.

Yes, the troops came and picked up me up and kidnapped me to Laila's Cafe in Kelana Jaya. A very cosy, home-y place suitable for friends and family to come together simply just to catch up or for small parties like mine. The lady owner was what I thought, one of the nicest lady I've ever met in my life. And to my surprise, the troops consisted of a few more souls that I have come to know and love. Meet the Troops:

Khairie, the mastermind behind all.

  JoYi, the Justin Blabermouth.

Ju-En, the super energetic photographer.

Sarah, the niggress that everyone can't help but to love.

Diana, the strong determined young lady.

And with that, I proceed. The food there was pretty alright, but the company was better. We got to talk and I found out that there is one more surprise for me when the lady boss invited Khairie and JoYi together with Sarah up on the stage. Yes, Khairie did his solo performance and then duet with Sarah(she's an incredible RnB, jazzy, soul singer.) while JoYi accompanied them with her piano. Ohhh-emm-geeeee kan? I was beyond words. Oh, and they also made me go up on the stage to sing. And if you don't know, this is somewhat a death sentence for me. I am a shy person, as much as you all don't believe that, but yes, I can never ever sing in front of a live crowd. I'll choke and choked I did.

And then came the home made cake by Sarah's aunt. If you love chocolate cakes, you'll love this. Its a 100% Cadbury chocolate cake. I loved the company that was there, simple and genuine, just the way I would love my birthday parties to be. I couldn't think of any other way to wrap my 21st birthday!

I am thankful to God for the two great friend that I have in my life, who I've met during the time I needed a true friend most. Khairie, thank you for the effort that you've given into making my 21st a special one. Thank you for being there as a friend who listens and guides. Thank you for showing me that determination is able to bring us to great lengths. Thank you for pushing me into doing what I love most. JoYi, thank you for being the very first friend who is different from the spoilt bunch that I have had my entire life. Thank you for being a pain in the ass that I cannot help but to grow closer to everyday. Thank you for being a sister that I have never had. Thank you Sarah, Ju-En and Diana, for being there to celebrate my birthday though we have never met before. Thank you for being so real and sincere, I'd rather be in your company than hundreds of other people out there. And thank you guys, for making my birthday, the perfect 21st birthday for me. 

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