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melaniehwa's randomness: #4. The Malaysian Education System.

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I would say, I am rather proud of Malaysia when it comes to their education system. However, as much as I would like to say I would enrol my kids with the local education system, I’d reconsider my options. Why, you wonder? Since my first statement was of one that supports the system, and yet, I am being nothing but a hypocrite on my very second statement. Well, here’s my sincere view upon the Malaysian Educational system that I believe, everyone has grew up with.

As my first sentiment goes, I am rather proud of the Malaysian Education system. Being the avid traveller I am, I have been to several places in the Southeast region of Asia. I have to admit that the Malaysian Government has indeed done a great job in raising us, from my father’s generation up to my three year-old nephew who’s in his first year of kindergarten, into a better literate community compared to the many countries out there. I sincerely express my gratitude for the past decade of learning at a local government school and for the efforts of teachers of all races in educating me tirelessly towards becoming a successful person in the society one day.

I am brought up in a MIC community as early as I can recite the alphabets A to Z. My circle of close friends in fact is what most people refer to as a mini 1Malaysia. I speak perfect Bahasa and I know several Tamil words (you have to admit, that language must have been the hardest language to learn ever in the whole world) With the Malaysian Education System, I would say it has helped a lot in bringing us different races all together, I know it definitely did for me.

Knowing that our upper secondary, form six (or rather our whole Malaysian Education System) is actually the best among other pre-university programs available in Malaysia, I dare say that I am pretty proud of what the Malaysian Education System have come to in the past 50 years after our independence. With this being said, I did not choose this pathway when I was at crossroads, deciding between the many pamphlets which university and course to choose from. I have decided to enrol with UTAR (a semi-government university, which offers a cheaper option but promises a great educational system, a choice that I’ve regretted not cause of the educational system here, but more of the community that breeds here) instead of going to Form Six cause of the low chances of getting into a local university with the choice of subject desired for non-bumiputeras. I know the quota system has been better over the years, but I dare say, the situation is pretty much still the same now.

On the other hand, I would like to highlight the fact that many irrelevant subjects has been taught in school. I remember that I needed to learn how to sew as a subject when I was in my lower secondary. I’d say I understand the reason behind this very decision by the government. They would like Malaysians to have the basic knowledge of living if all else fails; for example, if there should be a zombie apocalypse or that 2012 came but Malaysians somewhat survived. But I beg to differ. I think that it is a waste of time for kids to be learning about knowledge that they have total zero interest in and that same amount of time, could be invested on something else useful. This point for example, I would have to agree with the American Education System. At a very young age indeed, young Americans are given a chance to choose the subjects that they like and focus on what they want to do in life. I don’t know if you agree with me on this, but I’ve always believe that the earlier people realises what they want in life, the faster they work towards them. And hence, -1 for Malaysian Education system.

So it all comes back to the point whether will I send my kids to the local government school. I know this is a decision that I will not have to make in many more years to come, but I guess, for now, at this very point of life, I would say; I’ll definitely provide my children with a better choice if I can afford it. Perhaps migrating? Or maybe private international schooling system? I don’t really know right now, but I guess, if the Malaysian Education system wants to win the hearts of all parents out there, I suggest them move quick.


Serge Norguard said...

i on my part do not enjoy the malaysian education system.

it does not promote proper "think for yourself". All I see from this education system is that they churn out workers and not think.

im not saying that it is bad, but i still hate the malaysian education system.

melaniehwa said...

Very much true actually. I do agree that the Malaysian Education system, is a way the government condition the minds of the citizen. hmm.

Justin said...

If you're going to criticize the education system, at least use proper English; and just for the record, sounding pompous, pretentious and snobby does not count as 'having good English'. By that extension, sounding like your Malay friends does not mean you speak 'perfect bahasa'. Come on, 'bahasa' means language...

melaniehwa said...

Hey Justin, well to start with, thank you very much for leaving a comment on my blog. This gesture is very much appreciated. To my defense, I did not criticize the Malaysian Education System. Do note that I am just stating what I think, which is a fair share of both side's POV. And also, of cause I do know what Bahasa means. but I choose to just say the word Bahasa instead of Bahasa Malaysia because I am writing from a first person's perspective, like I'm talking to a friend. And I, myself, am Malaysian and I know the Malaysian jargon. So instead of speaking from an outsider's POV, I choose to write in a more personal manner. So if you wish for me to write in such proper manner, I suggest you read from the books or any formal reading. You will have to know afterall, the whole meaning of a blog. So once again, thank you for your kind comments. I sure do wish to hear from you more in the distant future. Good day.

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