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iMovieBuff: Captain America; The First Avenger.

I've been looking forward to Captain America since the moment I saw its sneakpeak appearance on the big screens a year ago. Like I've said before, I have been surrounded by Marvel/DC comic books ever since I was a small girl. I have always suspected if my eldest brother, who's nine years my senior, valued his comics more than his life; yes they are very very tight. So anyways, its not only my fascination for Captain America that propels me towards this movie, but also the fact that Chris Evans, better known as the Human Torch from the Fantastic Four and how his six-packs body could be transformed into looking like a scrawny little boy at the beginning of the movie. Okay, other than my admiration for both the ohemgeee-hot leading actor and the state of the art CGI technology, here is what I think of Captain America; the First Avenger.

#1. Again, it has the generic superhero story.
Yes, the muscular, big and handsome Captain America was nothing but what most deemed as a loser; small and scrawny, never noticed by any girls, always bullied by everyone, but never walking away from a fight. This I deemed as a very honorable act, a quality that is very rare to people today. So yes, this scrawny little guy, has a big heart. Though failing many times because of his ill health, he has never given up in his hopes of wanting to contribute to his country that he love so much. And, everything changed when Dr. Erksine acted by Stanley Tucci from Devil Wears Prada, recruited him for the secret Project Rebirth which transformed him into Captain America. Loser turned hero; checked.

Again, Captain America has quite a common story line. Dr Erksine told Rogers the reason he was chosen was because of his extraordinary courage, wits and conscience- being the good guy basically. Also, it wasn't a surprise as the movie progressed to reveal that Dr Erksine has before this tested his imperfect research on the antagonist of the story, Johann Schmidt aka the Red Skull, Nazi Germany's head of its secret HYDRA research department who wants to conquer the world himself.

And so, Captain America, which was initially wrongfully treated as just a tool for propaganda during war avail as everyone's super hero when he saved 400 men from HYDRA which includes his best friend Hodge who has been there whenever he was bullied. Then on, he with his army, fought against the Red Skull while romance between him and an officer of the Strategic Scientific Reserve, Peggy Carter blossoms alongside the progress of the story. Hero gets the Girl; checked.

Captain America then had his final showdown with Red Skull on the plane which Red planned on to use to destroy America. It was a pretty alright fight, exciting and all, but then again, came the really potong-stim part, Red died not cause Captain killed him or anything, he disintegrated into thin air cause of the powerful source of energy which was lost buried thousands of years ago by the Egyptians and left the plane to fly directly into New York City. So Captain had to plunged it down into the open seas before its too late. So yes, a heroic kamikaze act. But then again, the Captain had survived, only to realise that he has slept for over the past 70 years, to the year of 2011. Save the world; checked.

#2. Loved the CGI and action scenes.
Yes, they nailed it! I really liked the action scenes and how the whole film was shot. I mean, how can you possibly take about a hundred pounds of muscles off Chris Evan's perfect body and made him shorter and smaller in size yet looked so realistic? It was way better compared to the Green Lantern, Thor or even the Transformers. In fact, I think, it would be really good if you watched it in 3D. A lot of scenes in this movie was meant for 3D, so if you want to, go for it! I think its going to be worth your cash. 

#3. Impressed with the idea of the story.
I have to admit that I have always liked it when they link stories together. Captain America, set in the 30s-40s, they brought in the then already famous, founder and owner of STARK corporations, Howard Stark, the father of Iron Man. Also again, I love how they show the power can be dangerous if fallen into the hands of the wrong person. The only reason why Dr. Erksine chose Rogers is because of his genuine intention for good and when given the privilege of power, it will be utilized for the better of mankind, unlike Red, who misused his given potential for evil.

 'Captain America' Still Photos: Chris Evans Stars In New Marvel Film

I loved how MARVEL's marketing strategy slowly but surely built the buzz and hype towards their Summer blockbuster next year, The Avengers. I'm not sure if you guys had watched the 90s version of the Avengers, but I sure did and I loved it then and am looking forward to the remake of it next year. So yes, again, like the other MARVEL movies, stay back till the very end of the credits for a little extra on how Captain America join forces with the other heroes like the Ironman and Thor in the Avengers!

So I give a 6.5/10 for Captain America. I thought it was much better than Thor and Green Lantern definitely but still just an average movie. Anyways, I have always loved this poster.

Special thanks to WD for the Gold Class tickets.

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