Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Himalaya Herbal Haircare.

 I have been battling with hair loss lately and its starting to worry me quite a bit. I mean, believe me when I say I'm worried. Its not the normal one or two strands of hair when I comb my mane, its a whole handful of them after my shower. So yes, I did what I do best, I ask Dr. Google. Browsing diligently through every page, I came across this folk tale which says that the people with the healthiest, long, silky, shiny hair are all from the Mount of Himalayas because of the richness of herbs that they have there.

And me being me, first thing that came to my mind was, "So now I supposed to climb the Mount of Himalayas to get long and silky healthy hair?"

Yeaahhh, thats me when I was told that I have to climb this.....

jusstttt to get to thiss???

hmmmmm...... as much as I loved an adventure, I definitely cannot pursue this noble path to the heavenly hairdom with the amount of work piling up on my desk right infront of me.

So yes, so now what? Disappointed, I started my routine by checking the mail. To my awe, Himalaya actually came knocking on my mail box! It was a few weeks back when I was invited to join Himalaya and A'Cut Above Academy for a hair wash using their new Himalaya Gentle Herbal Daily-use Shampoo. First and foremost, meet the strong line up.

Himalaya's Herbal Shampoo is divided into 2 main lines; the 2-in-1 for people with healthy hair and also the Protein line which targets people with different hair problems like the hair-fall, dandruff or easy-tangle hair for both Shampoo and Conditioner. They also have hair oil for both strengthening the hair roots and also for those with dandruff problem for weekly use. After every hair wash, it is best if we put on a layer of protection and that is where the Protein Hair Cream comes into place. With these, you can rest assure that your hair is in good hands because Himalaya's products uses natural ingredients which are clinically tested. So if you have sensitive skin or problem hair scalps, worry not. Himalaya has even proven to be able to help people with balding problems. Best of all, all these products above are very economically priced.

We were given a hair test to go microscopic on our hair to better target our individual hair problems.

These are the products all the way from Himalaya to suit my hair needs. 
To my joy, I only have mild hair loss problem which is normal for people with long hair.

 The other bloggers having their very relaxing hairwash cum head and neck massages.

Again, I was late and hence the wait.

The very first step; Pre-Wash Nourishment with the Protein Hair oil. Drench your scalp with the oil then massage thoroughly for 5-10 minutes then wash off with the Protein Shampoo made of Chickpea, Amla & Black Myrobala as well as Licorice; all these high in natural proteins to strengthen and promote hair growth, Conditioned with the Repair & Regeneration Conditioner which has Aloe, Chickpea and Bean Sprouts; which also are high in protein contents. To top it all of, apply the Protein Hair Cream as an all-day leave on protection after it is towel-dried. They blow dry and taaa-daaa!

I'm done. 

Yes, probably not the stairwell to hairdom heaven, but I'm happy with my hair. Its definitely smooth and silky now and I loveeeee the smell! Everything with a great scent deserves an extra point. And also, my hair is much healthier now, I see less hair lying aimlessly on my room floor. Hey, good hair and I didn't even break a sweat climbing the Himalayas, how good can that get? So, Imma' leave the Himalayas Mountain to probably a few years from now when I conquer it peak one day, but for now, I am happy I can get them from the nearest Watsons or Guardian shelves at a very reasonable price.


dolphin_dancing said...

wow..ur job looks very nice ler!!....what r u working as now? so long haven't catch up with u=)

melaniehwa said...

@ dolphin_dancing. ahaha. im in an internet advertising company, Advertlets. yess! when will you be free for a coffee?

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