Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hennessy Artistry 2011' Mist Club & Guinness Arthurs' Day 2011.

Oh, please forgive me, I got kinda lazy so I've decided to put these two posts together. So here it is:

Hennessy Artistry 2011; Mist Club, KL.

FINALLY! My very virgin experience at Hennessy Artistry! I missed out the chance the last time when HA was back in my hometown, Penang cause of some unforeseen circumstances but yes, Hennessy Artistry is back again and this time its in Mist. Well, I wanted to skip this one actually (but obviously I didn't cause I'm writing about it here now, duh) cause I've already promised Jason and Mandy. I'm not a big fan of Hennessy but then I really liked the Hennessy Orange and Apple though. I personally think the mood wasn't really up but I really enjoyed the company.

Guinness Arthur's Day 2011; Sunway Giza.
Again, unfortunately, I will have to admit, I'm not a Guinness person. I only take Guinness if mixed with beer. But hey, I love Arthur. It was a great crowd there, definitely nice to meet up with new people and catch up with several few that I haven seen in ages. So here's to 252 years of success! TO ARTHUR!

The team Advertlets.

To Arthur!

*pictures taken by Jason.


Kian Fai said...

Hwa Jie very yeng ahh *scream* haha

2 in 1 post ah :)

me drunk in Sunway Xpax event XD

and Guinness Night I sleep at home

melaniehwa said...

@ kian fai
hahahah! i very lazy want to write two separate posts. =P ohh. how was the Xpax event?

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