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Makan-logue #5: Vin's Restaurant & Pub KL.

My friend, Amanda has been telling me about Vin's for months now about how they serve great food and also by far, the best Beef Chili Cheese Fries in town. I was skeptical about it, but I actually gave it a try myself when we met up a couple of weeks ago. And boy oh boy, did it taste good. Its minced pure beefy smell with the tomato sauce was a perfect combo for its crispy deep fried fries; its portion is pretty big, its actually enough to fill me. I tried its Vins' Wings. Its alil' like the famous buffalo wings but less juicy more fried-like.

And lucky for me, I found out that Vins' is doing a food review with Advertlets. I was delighted, I mean, who wouldn't like to be showered with scrumptious food, right? So yes, after my gym I rushed over to Vins' couldn't wait to see what's going to be on the table. Ya, I know, defeats the purpose but I just couldn't resist good food.

So here's what was served:

DSC07515 small
Crumbed Scallops - RM18.90
Pan-fried breaded scallops. 
I'm not a huge fan of batter fried food, but these pan-fried breaded scallops tastes pretty good when served hot.

DSC07527 small
Sautéed Mushrooms- RM16.90
Sautéed button and king oyster mushrooms flavored with herbs on crusty bread topped with parmesan.
It was pretty good as an appetizer.

DSC07525 small
Smoked Salmon Bruschetta - RM21
Served with caper-flavored pesto.
I'm a huge fan of smoked salmon, but this was alil bit of a disappointment though. It definitely wasn't as good as the Brandy Prawn, which was the best amongst the three.

DSC07535 small
 Has slices of chicken meat, lettuce, jalapeno, salsa sauce, topped with a generous amount of cream cheese.

Chicken Tikka Masala - RM18
Chunky chicken cuts seared and served in a masala sauce and served with focaccia. 

I have always been a huge fan of bread but the Tikka is usually favourited by people who couldn't take spicy food. As for me, I preffered this one below as my bread combo.

Spicy Lamb Masala - RM18.90
An authentic Indian favorite, slow-cooked in an earthen pot and served with crusty bread.
This is very much spicy to my liking compared to the Tikka Masala. The 
tender lamb has thoroughly absorbed the fragrant smell of the Indian herbs and when it is served with crusty bread, mmhhhmmmm...

DSC07538 small
Beef Bacon Pizza (10" thin crust) - RM28
Flooded with generous portions of beef bacon, smoked turkey, topped with mozzarella cheese and baked to perfection.
I out for words. All I have for this pizza is, =)

Sorry but its just too good.

DSC07546 small
Pasta Carbonara - RM25.90
Beef bacon and mushroom sautéed in olive oil, then tossed in a white wine cream sauce made rich with egg yolk.
I have always been a huge fan of carbonaras but its alil hard to satisfy my tastebuds for this dish. I love the creamy texture, but if its too creamy/cheesy, I'd dismiss it. But Vins' had the dish perfect to my liking.

Spicy Lamb Bolognaise - RM26.90
Fusion lamb dish, made in a spicy bolognaise sauce and flavored with fresh herbs and wild mushrooms.

Have you ever tried Lamb Bolognaise? I kid you not, its Lamb. I find it alright, pretty similar to the normal Bolognaise.

DSC07543 small
Baked Black Cod Teriyaki - RM52
Another fusion dish, Served with side salad and aglio oglio pasta. Melts in the mouth.
The fish was grilled to perfection. But this particular dish missed a mark for me.

Fish and chips - RM27
Traditionally English, Hake fish dipped in a light batter, fried and served with French fries and coleslaw. Simply mouth watering.

You know what? I did not get to try this dish cause it was placed infront of the boys and was all gone within seconds. So I guess, I can safely assume that it was that good.

DSC07540 small
VIN’s Rack of Lamb - RM54
Imported frenched juicy tender lamb served with fresh sautéed potatoes and a garden salad. Simply melts in your mouth.
The lamb was juicy, succulent, flavorful. Its has the right combination of lamb fat with meat and with the brown gravy, its perfect.

The Black Angus 54
Air flown U.S grain fed ribeye steak grilled to your choice of doneness, served with potato
salad, accompanied by salad and rich gravy.
I know when I say what I'm going to say next, you guys will throw everything you can see at me. I'm not a big fan of rare/ med rare steak. Its not so much of the dislike for raw food, but I'm fine with raw, but I just love my meat well-done, so yeah. I didn't really like this dish.

Treacle Cake Pudding - RM15
I find the Treacle cake pudding mediocre, nothing much to shout about but the next one coming up, topped everything that I've showed you. Here's my favourite dish..

The Elusive Chocolate Truffle Cake - RM16.90
How good is the Chocolate Truffle exactly? We had second rounds of these little devils in within seconds after it was served and also, I made Jo Yi go back with me a few days after the review just for the truffle. The cake, perfectly baked with a warm chocolate core which melts the moment you put it into your mouth and ice cream to go with. The perfect combination of warm and cold.

I really like this place not only for its food, but all the more, the service that they have there. Everyone just seem to be so happy and all the time smiling. Vin's himself, is a friend to his patrons, chatting and laughing with his customers whenever hes not in the kitchen. I guess, this is the reason why I would return to Vin's aside from its chocolate truffles.

My take on the Vin's Restaurant & Pub TDDI?Ambience: 6/10
Food: 8.5/10
Price: 6/10

Vin's Restaurant & Bar, KL
No. 6, Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 1, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Visit Vin's FB page here.

* You can also specify if you would like personalise your meal. 
They will try to accommodate your requests. 
* Pics from JasonOng and JonYKT

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